The Project: JNR Incorporated

A top Incentive Marketing agency, JNR Incorporated, was faced with an all too common situation. An auto-refinancing client had a monthly program that needed to stay on schedule – but their mail shop was going out of business.

When we were first introduced – JNR was looking for a new mail shop. That conversation quickly opened up a new world for both PS and JNR. We both like to think we took lemons and made outstanding lemonade.

The Situation

JNR realized early on that just moving to another mail shop created the risk of the same situation occurring again down the road.

PS was able to provide a comprehensive solution for JNR and their client with our 75 core supplier network –providing buying power, scalability, and reliability – all while still maintaining a single point of contact for managing the execution of their direct response logistics.

The Solution

As JNR’s production partner, Production Solutions has taken a leadership role in actively learning, sharing and adopting the expectations of quality and accuracy required by JNR and its client.

Armed with this critical information, Production Solutions customized its standard operating procedures to meet, and in many circumstances, exceed those expectations and built a customized process that encompasses all aspects of production.

The Real Benefits

Cost Savings

PS delivered cost-saving solutions like program pricing and gang run opportunities thanks to our considerable experience, and buying power.


With 25 years of experience, PS provides JNR with a scalable resource of experts to support future business growth in a reliable and profitable manner.


Feedback from our more than 75 core suppliers, combined with innovations and trends across our 300 Million pieces mailed annually, allowed PS to make recommendations for JNR’s client against their previous control package.

In Their Own Words…Testimonials from our partners

“When it comes to Direct Mail, Production Solutions is the expert! The daily status reports and communication is amazing. They not only provide solutions but also suggestions to help increase our Direct Mail productivity.”

-Ashley, JNR

About JNR Incorporated

JNR Incorporated produces measurable return on investment for companies through proven incentive and reward programs. Every program and goal is centered on the unique needs of an organization and participants. JNR’s programs increase levels of team and employee engagement, customer loyalty, sales and revenues.

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