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Dear Friends at Cal Farley’s

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to perform an audit of many of your direct mail campaigns.

Enclosed are the results of our findings. We are pleased to share that we can offer significant savings for you to allocate directly back to your mission of strengthening families and supporting the overall development of children. In addition to the substantial production costs savings, I hope you will enjoy reading about the additional value and experience our team at Production Solutions brings to each of our nonprofit partnerships. We proudly benefit and enhance every organization we serve and we sincerely hope we get the opportunity to do the same for Cal Farley’s.

Once you’ve had a chance to review, I look forward to connecting so that I may provide some additional highlights and answer any questions you and your team may have.


Meg Ferguson, CFRE

Your Programs
...Only Better

It might sound a little crazy, but we have no vested interest in what you mail.

Allow us to explain, we are not a fundraising agency or a manufacturer, we are your production partner. We exist to get you the best value for every project you run, whether it’s a long-standing control, a simple tweak test, or an entirely new package format. And we do that without compromising creativity, strategy or quality. We work to ensure that you meet your budget, contain costs, and provide true test and rollout pricing to allow for accurate result interpretation by your internal staff and partners.

What’s more, we pride ourselves in bringing all stakeholders together to collaborate and brainstorm; agency partners, digital teams, internal stakeholders and more, all with full transparency from your production team. This allows us to offer unique insights that can’t be obtained when leveraging individual manufacturing partners.

Think of us as your production department down the hall, only we’re a team that is over 90 strong and dedicated to your success. They’ll still be your programs, only better.

Still on the fence?


What do a hurricane, wildfire and paper mill all have in common?

(Hint: it’s PS)

How do we here at PS manage to keep our cool and pivot when a hurricane shuts down the entire eastern seaboard, or when wildfires rage through a state halting west coast post office operations, or when a large scale paper producer ceases production overnight? Of course, we believe that thoughtful planning, thorough preparation, forward-thinking vision, customer service dedication, and flawless execution are all essential ingredients to set up our clients programs for continued success throughout the complex production cycle.

But, we also have a secret ingredient…our incredible Resource Team!

These masters of supplier relations, postal logistics prodigies, crystal ball-gazing forecasters and treasure hunters constantly seek opportunities to maximize efficiencies up and down the direct mail landscape. How do they work their magic? They are relentless in their pursuit of futuristic, innovative, creative solutions to problems. They prepare by attending industry conferences, keep themselves up to date by training for emerging technologies and platforms, and we are happy to share their knowledge through webinars, blogs and social media – and your designated account team. These talented folks perform myriad functions that enable us to provide agile solutions to our clients. They implement complex supplier ranking matrices, perform no-obligation production and postage assessments and stay in constant communication with suppliers to create redundancies that minimize risk – and that is just a small glimpse into what they do on a day-to-day basis.

With our Resource Team helping to guide our steps, we walk confidently into the future with sure feet, armed with the information and tools that we need to execute our client’s programs to the highest possible standards. The work they do allows us to execute our mission with clear eyes: To benefit and enhance every organization we serve. They truly lead the charge on helping us to predict the future by creating the one that we want.

Let’s make them YOUR secret ingredient too.



It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for (or if you are a risk taker, you skipped right to this page. It’s alright, we won’t tell.)

Drum roll please… We are thrilled to share that we can offer significant savings for you to allocate directly back to your mission of strengthening families and supporting the overall development of children.

$1,247,776 in hard costs, back to your bottom line.

That does not even factor in the time we will save you with access to a team of strategic partners working to maximize your entire fundraising program and mitigating your risk in this volatile market.
We’ve included some notes but we promise, no additional fees, no disclaimers or fine print. To the best of our knowledge we feel we have captured a fair comparison between what you have been paying and what we can offer.

Let’s break it down.

We know we are awesome, now it’s time for us to show you why.

We pride ourselves on our ease of process. That doesn’t mean we don’t learn your programs in excruciating detail, it just means you don’t have to hold our hand while we do.

Our onboarding process is second to none, we have an extensive checklist and set of questions that allow us to sit with your team for one meeting and learn all we need to know to get up and running…fast.

We understand how crucial it is to keep a fundraising program running smoothly and once you’ve decided to make the switch to PS, it becomes our mission to ensure your mission continues… uninterrupted.

Now for the fun stuff!


We’re not all about the numbers.

We don’t want to give away ALL of our secrets, but we are so inspired by your mission that we couldn’t help but brainstorm some creative ideas just for you.

Having reviewed many of your ongoing Appeal and Acquisition efforts we have provided the below creative test ideas, trends and techniques for your consideration.

Our customized solutions enable organizations like Cal Farley’s to acquire new donors and consistently deliver donor messages in the most cost effective ways possible. We have a large footprint in the market and produce nearly 400 million pieces of mail each year for close to 100 nonprofit organizations. That means we see a lot of great stuff.

Given the amount of fundraising experience the PS account team holds, we serve as a strategic partner in addition to expertly executing your direct mail production. Innovative formats, trends and techniques are just one example.


A calendar is a very effective cornerstone appeal and acquisition tool for many organizations. Cal Farley’s has the benefit of a variety of rich photographic options to highlight. PS offers an annual gang that allows organizations who would like to test this fundraising tool at rollout costs. We provide tested formats and stock options, state of the art color proofing, on demand press inspections and two press runs to accommodate a variety of maildates. Let’s explore for 2020!

Calendar Follow-up

A calendar follow-up is another effective opportunity to boost the performance of the overall calendar appeal and bring in additional revenue. Messaging is typically transactional in approach, asking the donor to confirm they received their calendar in good condition, and make a gift or additional gift. There are a variety of formats but we have found this mini notecard to be highly effective.

Notecards – with and without Labels

Notecards are a staple in many organizations’ annual mailplan. Our clients have been testing some alternatives that reduce costs but still offer a quality premium. Mini notecards can be inserted flat or folded, designed horizontal or vertical, etc. Including a label sheet is another way to add heft and perceived value to the package. The elongated studio card option fit a #10 package.


Many of our clients use three bookmarks in both appeals and as their acquisition control. The perceived value increases with the additional 2 bookmarks, above what you are currently sending and, the added thickness and heft will get the envelope opened!

Another alternative is a Bookmark and Certificate combination.


Your Graduation bounceback, has been a long-standing control. There are several ways you could incorporate a similar approach, via direct mail or with an online element. We’d love to explore this further with you!


We produce a wide variety of Newsletter formats, sizes and stocks. One effective tactic is to add personalization, specifically to the outer pages. Another is to include an additional return envelope inside. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve tested against your Roundup Control or Heritage Newsletters, we can work with you to audit your existing program and brainstorm new ideas to reduce costs and or improve your results.

Sustainer Welcome Package

Sustainers are among any organizations’ most valuable donors. Ongoing communication about the impact of your donors’ commitment combined with an involvement device is an effective tool. This example is sent to each new Sustainer, welcoming them and outlining the updates they can expect to receive monthly, thanks to their support.

Year End Appreciation Certificate

Many organizations combine the highly effective year end match with a certificate of appreciation to current donors.

Giving Tuesday Insert

Depending on the timing of your year end mailing, a small buckslip highlighting the dates of Giving Tuesday – December 3, 2019 – could be a way to boost online and social media giving.

Impact Statement

This simple impact statement paired with a year end ask, reminds the donor how important they are to your organization. This example uses a graphic at the top of the letter/reply and a bullet point list in the letter showing some of the accomplishments of the Fiscal Year. It also includes a simple thank you on the back of the reply.

Milestone Insert

Cal Farley’s has had quite a year with the movie release, Anniversary and related events and activities in addition to your ongoing mission and program successes. This example showcases large accomplishments over the course of the year. This impactful double slip brochure, allows the donors to understand large scale wins of the organization.

Year in Review Brochure

This brochure highlights the yearly accomplishments in a vertical brochure format.

Sustainer Additional Gift Ask

Don’t forget your sustainers! Year end appeals are the perfect time to ask for an additional gift from your monthly donors. This example includes a four-page outline of future plans in the letter copy to inspire the additional gift and included a note of appreciation for all they do as donors.

Online Giving Push

Donors are busy and this time of year there is so much mail coming in and out of the house. End of year is the perfect time to entice donors to give online and put their dollars to work right away. This example includes a small computer and mobile phone graphic to draw attention to the URL.

High Dollar Match

This High $ year end package provides some nice touches for their High $ donors including a 9×12 envelope, a personal Donor Relations contact provided on the reply and return envelope, and photo cards with success stories.