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How to Create Killer Mailings – Without Killing Yourself in the Process – Learn the secrets on how to make your next creative mailing the easiest and best you’ve ever done.

As fundraisers, almost all of us are responsible for creating, developing and executing campaigns. And the difference between doing it well – and doing it wrong – can have a huge impact on your results, your mental health, your career happiness … even the trajectory of your career. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some handy, easy-to-digest tips at your disposal, which will make your job easier, and your results better.

In this session our three experienced pros will share their secrets (and a bunch of handy tip sheets) on how you make the next creative mailing you manage the easiest, and best, you’ve ever done. From strategy to creative to the mailhouse. And every looming headache in between.

Your next mailing shouldn’t take years off your life. Just give us 90 minutes and we’ll show you the secrets to creating killer creative that doesn’t kill you in the process.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The 20 mistakes you don’t want to make (because we have, and it hurt), in developing your strategy and creative
  • Fatal design failures that can ruin a package (and basically make Shannon’s life a living hell) I say this because just about all the issues have some sort of impact on production and timelines.
  • How to take great copy and strategy and bury them in the desert where they’ll never be found.
  • Production oversights, mishaps and poor planning can swiftly sink your direct mail campaign! Learn how to navigate through smooth waters every time with tried and true production management techniques.

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