DMAW Production Week

Production Solutions

Don’t miss our very own Michelle Johnston, Alex Newell, and Carolyn Angelini contribute to the content of Production Week – What all direct marketers need to know about production in 2021!

This week-long program will delve into the processes, best practices and ideal collaboration and communication strategies to successfully execute a direct mail campaign. There are many vested parties in the life of a DM mailing or campaign, each coming from different perspectives with different priorities.

There are also many different steps in the process, elements to a mailing, and plenty of room for error. Effective communication in terms of priority goal setting and managed expectations at the offset are critical. Our goal is to educate attendees on the many important facets that are interdependent on one another and discuss how we can all work together, regardless of your role or area of expertise, in the most efficient, effective and collaborative way.

You will learn new skills, terminologies and will even come away with a deeper appreciation for all that goes into the process and certainly a deeper appreciation for your colleagues and partners involved! We will also pay particular attention to the current events and circumstances that are impacting our ability to achieve our collective goals (on time, within budget and with our sanity intact) and what we can do to prepare and avoid unnecessary additional challenges.

We’ve assembled some of the production industry’s finest to share their expertise and their experience of how they have successfully managed the many facets of production collaboratively, recognizing it takes a village of mutually respected partnerships and relationships.