DMFA – The Evolution of CRM’s

Production Solutions

Event Details

Take a journey with a database expert who has seen it all. In this fast-paced and entertaining session, Gina VanderLoop, CEO and Founder of ROI Solutions, will explore the past, the present, and the future of nonprofit data management: from whirring mainframes and mag tapes, to in-house stand-alone software solutions, to cloud-based solutions ripe with Big Data, to marketing automation, to a bright future of AI-assisted data management. What have we learned along the way and where do we go from here?

Key Take-Aways:

  • Do the founding principles of database management still hold true?
  • What mistakes have we made along the way and what have we learned from them?
  • Have we chased Buzz Words to our own benefit or detriment?
  • Where and when are Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Voice Response, Virtual and Augmented Reality coming to a CRM near you?


Gina VanderLoop, CEO and FounderROI Solutions

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