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Proposal Response for Gift Acknowledgement & Premium Warehousing and Fulfillment

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Production Solutions is proud to have partnered with National Parks Conservation Association for many years and would be honored to expand our relationship to include your Acknowledgement and Fulfillment programs in addition to the services we currently provide.  Thank you for this opportunity!

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Your Account Team

Meg Ferguson Shadow
Meg Ferguson, CFRE, Business Development Director

Meg brings more than 20 years of direct marketing, fundraising campaign and production management experience to the NPCA team. As a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), Meg has a strong track record in strategic creation and implementation of direct marketing campaigns for nonprofit organizations. Meg understands the broader scope of philanthropic fundraising, including relationship building, ethics, accountability and long-term sustainability. Meg is an educator, industry leader, and current Board Member for the DMAW. She resides in Pasadena, MD with her two sons and her fur daughter.

Don Poudrier
Don Poudrier,
Production Director

Don, an enthusiastic leader, has been with PS since 2012. Don has over 30 years of experience in the industry. When he joined PS, he found that he finally found his “home” at what he calls the “Mecca of Direct Mail.” He utilizes his experiences and continued development and growth to set up clients, suppliers and Production Solutions for success. Don is from Owings, Maryland, and he enjoys volunteering at his church and within the community, spending time with his wife, kids and friends. Don is the youngest of seven, served in the Air Force for four years and lived in Turkey for 18 months, which he calls one of the best experiences of his life.

Samantha Wright
Samantha Wright,
Account Manager

Samantha is a positive, enthusiastic team player, who naturally creates personal connections that forge strong relationships. With over 30 years of experience in the direct mail and fundraising industries. With a background in direct mail and fundraising for nonprofits, as well as production and direct marketing, Samantha is a subject matter expert in coordinated printing, list ordering, mailing services, program development, creative direction, and more. Samantha resides in Northern Virginia. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, surfing, paddle boarding, and is a fitness instructor.

Chris Azbill
Chris Azbill,
Account Manager

Chris has been serving with PS since 2014 as an Account Manager. Chris’ prior work experience includes bring the Vice President of Operations in several different printing companies. Chris earned an MBA and he has over 30 years of experience in the direct mail and nonprofit industries. Chris’ ability to understand and convey his clients’ vision and mission is inspiring. Chris telecommutes full-time from Tampa, Florida, and he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his yellow labs. Chris is retired from the US Navy, and (fun fact!) his wife, Shannon, also works for PS as a member of the Resource Team.

Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith,
Senior Account Manager

Debbie is a cheerful and dedicated hard worker. She has been with PS since 2010. With her deep well of industry experience, Debbie delivers an impeccable service experience and she is known for her extremely strong attention to detail. All of her clients enthusiastically report that they are fortunate to have Debbie’s wealth of knowledge, her dedication to a service experience like no other as well as her kind-hearted, joyful, fun demeanor working on their missions. Debbie is from the Bronx, New York, and currently lives in Virginia. Some of Debbie’s interests are classic movies, all kinds of animals and shopping.

Make More Possible

At PS, our service commitment and purpose is to create solutions to elevate your experience, with an ultimate vision of inspiring more people to give. Our business expertise and acuity in direct mail program management is coupled with one very distinctive difference. We focus on people and think about our business through the lens of having respect for our common humanity. This commitment takes many forms and shapes now and we will continue to branch out, evolve and grow into the future. 

Above all, PS cultivates a people-first culture, and ultimately, we believe that our culture is what we ship. We are a purpose-fueled, empowered, inclusive, collaborative group who are deeply invested in personal and professional growth. We take joy in our own advancement as opposed to comparison with others, and we strive to do a little better each and every day. Our journey is rooted in our shared values, purpose and vision. 

Together, we can make more possible. 

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We at Production Solutions, a Moore company, are of many different faiths, backgrounds, and core truths. Yet we all believe a life of purpose and service to one another provides deep satisfaction. We live this in our work, where we respect our common humanity and our diverse experiences which make us stronger together. We all benefit when varied voices speak, lead, and are valued. When we value diverse viewpoints and people we earn the best talent, imagine the best innovations, and deliver the best results to everyone.

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