Anita D’Souza

Production Solutions

Anita D’Souza, a dynamic professional, has been serving with PS since 2020. With 12 years of experience in Billing, Account Revenue Cycle, Sales, Retention, Client servicing, and Team management across organizations. Anita is a go-getter – she is a powerful listener, incredibly tactful, she finds a solution no matter what, and she contributes to a positive culture. Anita values leading by example, accountability, and integrity above all. Anita always ends a conversation with a smile. ​

Anita has a background in Accounting and Economics, she is from India, and she currently lives in Silver Spring, MD. She loves cooking different cuisines, and she believes in eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She speaks English, Hindi and Marathi, her favorite food is sushi, and her favorite show is Game of Thrones!