Ann Saetern

Production Solutions

Ann, a compassionate team player, is a Billing Specialist, and
has been serving with PS since 2017. Ann is from Suisun City,
California, and she moved to the East coast to help start a
church in Fairfax that focuses on collegiate ministries. In her
spare time, Ann enjoys taking walks, hiking and singing. Ann
also likes to spend time with her fiance and she loves to cook
and share the Southeast Asian food that she grew up with,
with others.
Ann has over 4 years of experience in our industry, and her
background in both AR & AP combined with event coordinating
made her a great addition to the PS family. Ann enjoys working
with the team to provide unmatched service to our clients
while being a part of something that makes a difference to the
world. Ann’s growth mindset contributes greatness to her
team each day.