Fazul Baksh

Production Solutions

Fazul, a compassionate and friendly leader, is a Billing Director,
and he has been serving with PS since 2002. Fazul enjoys
spending time with his cat and dog, and he says that his favorite
part about working with the PS team is the staff. In his spare time,
Fazul likes watching action movies, playing chess, traveling the
world and experiencing different cultures. He can often be found
walking around the office, singing “everybody loves Fazul”.
Prior to joining our team, Fazul was a Warehouse & Logistics
Manager. This helped prepare him for his many roles in our
organization, which include Billing, AR/AP, ProSIS testing, and
more. Fazul enjoys overcoming challenges and helping to foster
an independent Finance team. He works closely with our in-house
programmer to continue improving systems so that we can adapt
to the ever-changing needs of our clients, suppliers, and staff.
Fazul practices a positive and personal approach, and he is
invested in success.