Jaime McQueen

Production Solutions

Jaime, a passionate team player, is PS’ Senior Marketing
Manager and has been serving with PS since 2018. Jaime
telecommutes full-time from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and she
loves to spend time with her husband, Troy, and their beagle, and
three rescue cats. Jaime is a board member of her local Young
Philanthropist Chapter, has been involved with pet rescue work
for her whole life, loves to cook, enjoys gardening and listens to
live music whenever she has the opportunity!
With over 11 years in our industry, Jaime is an experienced
project manager with an emphasis on digital marketing
products. Her background in digital marketing, web
development, print production and sales along with her unique
blend of strategic, technical, business and creative acuity
positions her to problem solve with a multi-faceted approach.
She has a demonstrated history of building long-lasting,
productive relationships, driving results and leading from her
seat each and every day.