LaToya Simms

Production Solutions

Latoya, a Senior Billing Specialist, has been serving with PS
since 2010. Latoya is from Arlington, Virginia and she enjoys
traveling, discovering new ways to help the community and
bonding with her four children in her free time. Latoya also
dances in her church’s dance ministry with her daughters.
Latoya’s favorite food is spaghetti, and her favorite holiday is
Valentine’s Day!
With over eight years in our industry, Latoya works hard and
has been relentless in deepening her skillset over the years.
She enjoys helping others while learning new leaderships
skills on the job. She doesn’t hesitate to take a new team
member under her wings. Latoya is open minded and listens
with curiosity, which shows she has a deep commitment to
authentic communication and doing her best work.