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Postage Rate Predictions for 2015 – August 2014 Update

Production Solutions

KeepCalm-Post-Office - smallIn April, the Postal Service submitted a motion to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) requesting the exigent increase become a permanent pricing adjustment. The PRC has since denied that motion, thus the exigent increase will continue to be a temporary surcharge until the Postal Service recoups their losses caused by the 2008-2011 recession.

The PRC requested formal comments from the mailing industry on how we would like the next pricing adjustment conducted. The feedback was strongly in favor of one price change in 2015, which would include the 2015 CPI increase and the removal of the 2014 exigent surcharge. The Postal Service recently conducted a similar survey to mail owners; those survey results are unknown at this time.

Based on feedback from the mailing industry and ease of process, the current rates will likely hold until the exigent surcharge expires, which is currently forecasted to be the summer of 2015. In June, we made an educated prediction as to how postage rates would increase in 2015.

Click on the chart below for our revised rate predictions.

aug 2014 postage predictions thumb

  1. Predictions are based on current CPI trends, USPS historical trends, current exigent ruling status and current postal legislation. Production Solutions does not have an influence or control over future postage rates, nor shall Production Solutions be held accountable or liable for the postage rates listed above.
  2. Presort rates are based on the average of AADC/ADC and 3-Digit.
  3. Assumes a 2.5% 2015 CPI increase.
  4.  Removal of 2014 Exigent Increase.