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Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Smithsonian Magazine Direct Mail Printing RFQ. We are incredibly proud to serve the Smithsonian Institute in many areas and would be honored to add value to our partnership by helping to produce Smithsonian Magazine.

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Your Account Team

Patrick McVean
Patrick McVean, Business Development Director

With more than 20 years serving as a member of the PS team, Patrick brings an unparalleled level of expertise in direct marketing, fundraising, and production management experience to the table. With a strong commitment to the long-term health of his clients’ overall fundraising programs, he has a strong track record in strategic vision as well as the implementation of campaigns for many organizations. He resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children, is a super fan of Bruce Springsteen, loves world history and enjoys traveling.

Amy Pruden
Amy Pruden,
Production Director

Amy has been a part of the PS team since 2015, working hand in hand with her team of Account Managers. Amy has over 40 years of experience in the Print and Direct Mail industry. As a trusted leader, her care and attention allows her team to thrive and accomplish amazing work on behalf of amazing clients. She has a strong growth mindset that empowers her colleagues to add tremendous value to your program.  ​Amy lives in Tennessee, and she loves wine, spending time with loved ones, boating, hiking, and walks along the Carolina coastal beaches. ​

Lynda Russell
Lynda Russell,
Senior Account Manager

With over 35 years of direct mail experience, Lynda is happy to have enjoyed 17 of those as a member of our team excelling in production management. Lynda enjoys working with amazing organizations. Her clients and team describe her as supportive, patient and as someone who delivers impeccable customer service experiences. Residing in New Hampshire, Lynda telecommutes full time, and she loves to watch the Food Network and the New England Patriots! She also enjoys spending time with her 5 grandchildren.

Gina Martinelli
Gina Martinelli,
Account Manager

In 2019, Gina joined the PS team after earning over 30 years of experience in our industry. She has an incredibly strong background in production management with scheduling, print, lettershop, logistics, postal and fulfillment. Gina is clearly invested in the success of her clients’ programs and looks forward to serving yours! Her positivity and authenticity shine through in her impactful work. She telecommutes from Pennsylvania, loves spending time with her husband and their yellow lab, enjoys cooking, nature and activities with her grandson.

Make More Possible

At PS, our service commitment and purpose is to create solutions to elevate your experience, with an ultimate vision of inspiring more people to give. Our business expertise and acuity in direct mail program management is coupled with one very distinctive difference. We focus on people and think about our business through the lens of having respect for our common humanity. This commitment takes many forms and shapes now and we will continue to branch out, evolve and grow into the future. 

Above all, PS cultivates a people-first culture, and ultimately, we believe that our culture is what we ship. We are a purpose-fueled, empowered, inclusive, collaborative group who are deeply invested in personal and professional growth. We take joy in our own advancement as opposed to comparison with others, and we strive to do a little better each and every day. Our journey is rooted in our shared values, purpose and vision. 

Together, we can make more possible. 

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We at Production Solutions, a Moore company, are of many different faiths, backgrounds, and core truths. Yet we all believe a life of purpose and service to one another provides deep satisfaction. We live this in our work, where we respect our common humanity and our diverse experiences which make us stronger together. We all benefit when varied voices speak, lead, and are valued. When we value diverse viewpoints and people we earn the best talent, imagine the best innovations, and deliver the best results to everyone.

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