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RFP Response Additional Information

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s request for proposals to provide Direct Marketing Fundraising & Other Related Services.

Strategic partnerships are vital to the execution of your direct mail programs. With the challenges facing our industry, it is increasingly important to select the right partner. Production Solutions intends to help you by providing exceptional client service while executing your production needs on schedule at competitive and consistent costs, freeing up valuable time for you and your team to focus on fundraising.

Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in this process and we look forward to your feedback.

Supplemental Information by Section:
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12.1.3    Your Account Team and Organizational Chart

Patrick McVean
Patrick McVean, Business Development Director

With 20+ years as a member of the PS team, Patrick brings an unparalleled level of expertise in direct marketing, fundraising, and production management experience to the table. He is strongly committed to the long-term health of his clients’ overall fundraising programs. He resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children, is a super fan of Bruce Springsteen, loves world history and enjoys traveling.

Amy Pruden
Amy Pruden,
Production Director

Amy joined the PS team in 2015 after earning 40+ years of experience in the print and direct mail industry. The care, attention and growth mindset she leads with empowers her team to thrive, add value and accomplish amazing work on behalf of amazing clients. Amy lives in Tennessee, and she loves wine, spending time with loved ones, boating, hiking, and walking along the Carolina coastal beaches.   

Linda Costas
Linda Costas,
Senior Account Manager

Linda has earned over 25 years of valuable experience serving nonprofits. She joined the PS team in 2015 and serves as the day-to-day connection responsible for ensuring her clients experience flawless production execution.  Linda resides in Northern Virginia and enjoys spending time with her three children and grandchildren as well as boating, RV traveling, 4-wheeling and riding her motorcycle.

Lynda Russell
Lynda Russell,
Senior Account Manager

With over 35 years of direct mail experience, Lynda has enjoyed 17 of those as a member of the PS team excelling in production management. Her clients describe her as supportive, patient and someone who delivers impeccable customer service experiences. She resides in New Hampshire, and she loves to watch the Food Network, cheer on the New England Patriots and spend time with her 5 grandchildren.

12.2.1    Senior Leadership

Ben Harris Shadow
Ben Harris, President

Since 1998 Ben has served and led here at PS from the heart. He began his journey at PS in account management and ascended into leadership roles that shaped who he is today. Thoroughly invested in the culture of PS, he refers to himself as the “Chief Employee Officer. ” Splitting his time between California and Virginia with his wife and three children, Ben loves to surf and host parties.

Drew Wilson Shadow
Drew Wilson, Chief Operations Officer
Drew’s tenure with PS began in 2003 and he has grown into a key leader overseeing the Production, Resource, Accounting, and IT divisions. He is integral to shepherding our company’s mission and values and launched “PS University” our professional development arm. Drew is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, and lives in Michigan with his wife, daughter and their dog, Oscar.
Paul Cornetta
Paul Cornetta, Vice President of Production

Paul joined PS in January 2011 after earning 23+ years of experience in magazine and print production. Paul’s expertise in the industry coupled with his ability to motivate is unmatched. He resides in Northern Virginia with his wife, four children and grandchildren. Paul has a keen interest in history, loves Italian food, and is a huge NY Mets and Giants fan.  

Leigh Janis
Leigh Janis, Vice President of Sales & Client Experience

Leigh joined the PS team in 2015. She is passionate about delivering impeccable service experiences and developing strong relationships. Leigh leads the Business Development and Marketing teams with vision. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, three children and dog, Max. She is a Certified Story Facilitator, loves cheering on her kids at baseball and coaches youth basketball.

12.2.4    Daily Updates and Client Communications

12.2.5    Quality Assurance Process

12.2.8    Sample Invoices and documentation

Make More Possible

At PS, our service commitment and purpose is to create solutions to elevate your experience, with an ultimate vision of inspiring more people to give. Our business expertise and acuity in direct mail program management is coupled with one very distinctive difference. We focus on people and think about our business through the lens of having respect for our common humanity. This commitment takes many forms and shapes now and we will continue to branch out, evolve and grow into the future. 

Above all, PS cultivates a people-first culture, and ultimately, we believe that our culture is what we ship. We are a purpose-fueled, empowered, inclusive, collaborative group who are deeply invested in personal and professional growth. We take joy in our own advancement as opposed to comparison with others, and we strive to do a little better each and every day. Our journey is rooted in our shared values, purpose and vision. 

Together, we can make more possible. 

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We at Production Solutions, a Moore company, are of many different faiths, backgrounds, and core truths. Yet we all believe a life of purpose and service to one another provides deep satisfaction. We live this in our work, where we respect our common humanity and our diverse experiences which make us stronger together. We all benefit when varied voices speak, lead, and are valued. When we value diverse viewpoints and people we earn the best talent, imagine the best innovations, and deliver the best results to everyone.

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