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We believe breakthrough results come from inspired people, ambitious thinking, impeccable service, and a spirit of working together.

At Production Solutions, we are the bold and resourceful. Solving problems and hustling for your organization is what we love to do. You can focus more on the big picture while we focus on expertly executing your direct mail campaigns within your annual fundraising program. You save time and experience improved results without increasing your costs. Our service commitment and purpose is to elevate your experience, with an ultimate vision of inspiring more people to give. Together, we can make more possible.

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North Shore Animal League America (NSALA)

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, I hear about printers and lettershops operating at reduced capacity, but it seems that overall, things are still operational. I’ve got plenty to worry about so it’s great to feel confident our team at Production Solutions will keep our mail moving to the best of their ability during this time of instability. They provide so much more than print/mail brokerage services. They are well-respected experts in the industry and carry a lot of influence, which we would not have if we were negotiating directly with printers and lettershops. The value added is tremendous. It’s important to recognize and appreciate what they bring to the table for our programs. I am grateful for their partnership.

Trout Unlimited —Trout Unlimited

Our PS team is continually coming to us with new and innovative ways of producing our packages. They are highly organized, insightful and tuned in to trends that help us improve with each campaign. I know that we can always count on them to get any job done efficiently and effectively. I truly value our partnership with PS and would highly recommend their services.

Save the Children —Save the Children

Our partnership with Production Solutions spans over a decade now, which speaks to the consistency and trust that we have developed as partners. In our partnership there is a constant focus on accuracy, responsiveness, and value added – beyond executing our annual direct mail program. This exposes us to new ideas and trends that help keep our campaigns fresh and relevant. Ultimately, we know that PS cares for our organization’s success, by working collaboratively with our other partners at all times, and stewarding challenges or issues in a manner that proves it’s not just about their bottom line.

—Ocean Conservancy

If you want a partner who works to stay ahead of you, proactive in serving you and anticipates your needs, that’s Production Solutions. If you want a partner you have to stay on top of and is responsive and reactive to your needs, that’s pretty much everybody else.

—Michael Cervino, CEO Stolos Ventures