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2015 Postage Rates – Now Live

Production Solutions

This past weekend, marked yet another postal increase for the mailing industry. On average, rates increased by 2%; however Flat and Periodical rate categories changed dramatically as the Postal Service added FSS Tiers to both mailing categories. The industry is still trying to determine how the FSS tiers will affect postage costs; however at a quick glance we are seeing a 2-5% increase. The increase is driven by the mail quantity, mailing location, geographic saturation, FSS Entry Points, etc. The best way to determine your new budget/increase, is to have your 2014 mail.dat file analyzed based on the new 2015 rates and tiers.

Now, we may still have a chance to see a decrease in postage this year, as the USPS may be forced to remove the Exigent Surcharge (4.3% surcharge implemented in 2014) by this August. However, it is still possible that the Court of Appeals rules in favor of the Postal Service and they get to keep the surcharge permanently.

This is definitely the year of unpredictable rate changes. With any luck, we will see some relief in the next few months, in the meantime download the Production Solutions 2015 Postage Rate Chart PDF.