Updated Postage Rates Effective August 2021

The Postal Service filed new rates with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for Market Dominant Rate Changes, and these rate changes will officially go into effect on Sunday, August 29, 2021. While the average increase is 6.9% across all of the changes proposed, the actual rates at the mail class and presort levels vary. It…


Cost Savings Series – Topic #6: Postal!

Another great round of Cost Savings Tips to share with you is here – this time around Postage! With the upcoming postal rate increases going into effect on August 29th, it may be a good time to double check if there are wiser ways to spend your postage budget.  Tip #1 – Take advantage of the USPS Mailing Promotions.  If…


Effectively Manage Your Multi-Channel Campaigns

In an increasingly digital era, direct mail still thrives! Why? Because the mail catches the attention more effectively of almost every household, unlike emails which can be easily ignored, social media and internet ads which can easily be overlooked, and text messaging which can be deleted without a glance. Direct mail will, in almost every…


Cost Savings Series – Topic #5: INK!

Welcome back to our new Cost Savings Blog Series!  Last week we kicked off the series with 3 tips to save money with paper stock changes. Next up in our cost savings series? INK! And how you can make simple changes to save budget dollars! That’s right, how you use the ink on the paper…


Cost Savings Series: It’s time to take stock, of your stock… paper stock that is! 

By now you’ve surely heard all of the brouhaha surrounding the paper market, coated papers in particular, and if you haven’t heard, I’d like a spot next to you under that rock. Multiple month lead times, suppliers (sending them SO much love) having to cancel jobs and “no-bids” due to lack of paper supply, it’s plain old nuts and I will confess to…


Cost Savings Series: GANGING!

Week three of our cost savings blog series kicks off with one of our Production Directors, Gigi Shanahan!  Gigi is tackling the topic of ganging and how you can take advantage of cost savings by looking at your program differently. Tip #1: Explore gang printing options across all of your programs. One of the quickest…


Cost Savings Series: Premiums

Welcome back to our new Cost Savings Blog Series!  Last week we kicked off the series with 3 tips to save money with format changes. As with most budget items, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to your budget questions, but we are here to help you navigate ideas to help. This week, we will look…


Welcome to PS’ Cost Savings Series! Topic 1: Formats

Welcome to our new Cost Savings Blog Series!  For the next 6 weeks, we will be highlighting some ways that you can find savings in your mailings by making a few changes to your creative and postal strategy. We are so excited to share these simple tips and to implement ideas with you.  As with…


How to Understand the New Postage Rates & USPS Details Explained

Every new year – and every new postage increase – PS releases a new postage rate chart! The next proposed USPS postage increase is scheduled to go into effect Sunday, August 29th, 2021. You can find our latest 2021 PS Postage Rate Chart here.   With these new postage rate changes coming soon, what better time to review the different…


Tips for Re-entering Society

Dear Industry Colleagues and Friends, This past month has presented me with a few incredible opportunities to resume some semblance of “normal” as far as societal engagement and interaction with actual 3D people – other than those in my “bubble.” It has been eye-opening, a little exhausting if I’m being completely honest, and mostly amazing….