During the production process of a mailing, one of the first main aspects that must be considered is Design. If this stage of the lifecycle doesn’t go exactly as planned, all other stages following it do not matter.  Either the client’s agency or the client themselves create the design of the artwork of the mailing….


Urgent Grams Get Your Message Out Fast!

Rapid response mailings are a fantastic way to get your message out fast! Often colloquially referred to as “urgent grams”, these mailings may include off-the-shelf materials or quick turn digitally printed content, and take days (instead of weeks!) to mail. To execute urgent grams effectively you need tested formats from which to choose, lightning fast…


2020 Decennial Census: What You Need to Know! 

The 2020 Decennial Census, conducted by the federal government and mandated by our constitution is landing in our mailboxes this week! The Census is critical as it helps determine how many seats our states get in congress, shapes what federal funding looks like in your local community for schools, fire departments, infrastructure programs and so…


How-To: Remote Working!

The ability to work from home has many perks, but has its drawbacks as well. Even though it provides a tremendous amount of flexibility to skip the commute, reduce your carbon footprint, have a more adaptive schedule to care for your family and still remain productive, it can sometimes feel isolating and requires us to…


The Production Lifecycle

The work that a Production partner does to add value and transform a client’s direct mail program into reality is incredibly valuable. Understand the different milestones within the Production Lifecycle as a Production expert does!  Milestone 1: Pre-Production To begin, like any successful operation, planning, budgeting and scheduling of a direct mail campaign have to…


Informed Delivery is Changing for 2020! Are you ready?

The USPS is typically slow to change, but Informed Delivery waits for no one! With little fanfare, the Terms and Conditions for Interactive Informed Delivery campaigns were updated this past January. These changes go into effect IMMEDIATELY, and all marketers must agree to them in order to submit a campaign. While the changes aren’t groundbreaking…


Ben’s Bookshelf

Out of the many tools and resources Ben Harris, President of Production Solutions, utilizes to grow and lead a thriving and infinite culture, a few books (and podcasts) have made a difference in his life, making him more of an “impactivist” than ever before. Pick up one of these books, turn up the volume on…


Introducing Production 101!

Welcome to Production 101! We are excited to share this 12-month blog series that will provide insights and education about all things Production!  Our experts are excited to share their knowledge and guide you through a wide array of topics that will give you a total overview of the complex production process.  We will dive…


An Uncertain Future for .ORG

A private equity firm, Ethos Capital, could soon manage the internet’s top domain name extension for nonprofits after acquiring the nonprofit organization, Public Interest Registry (PIR), that runs it. The Internet Society maintains that the change in ownership won’t affect the philosophy with which the domain has been operated since the inception of the .org…


Leveraging Direct Mail Personalization Techniques For Your Program

The Association of National Advertisers announced “personalization” as the 2019 marketing word of the year.  In this age of continuous connection, donors are being subconsciously groomed by the “Amazon Effect” to expect 24-7, seamless,  predictive interactions with companies and nonprofits alike. Having a thoughtful, well-mapped out donor journey that includes personalization has quickly become a…