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5 Signs Your Email Marketing Strategy Needs a Makeover

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With year-end quickly approaching, how well is your organization’s digital strategy performing so far? If your marketing messages and initiatives aren’t driving the results you need, your digital program, specifically your email marketing, may need some attention.

According to the 2017 Digital Outlook Report, 62% of the nonprofits and charities surveyed have no digital program. If you fall in the 38% who have a digital program in place, you’re already a step ahead!

However, you may be due for some improvements if you can identify any one of the following red flags happening at your organization:

  1. Your email list is not growing (or worse, shrinking!)
  2. You don’t have a digital marketing calendar.
  3. You’re sending emails to the full list without segmentation.
  4. You haven’t tested improvements in your emails, including: subject line, sender, preheader, layout, or placement of call-to-action graphics in 12 months (or never!)
  5. You’re not planning to do digital advertising (especially retargeting) in the next 12 months.

If you are looking to dive deeper into any of these or additional topics, the digital marketing professionals at PS Digital are here to help!

Our Director of Digital Services, Janel Clement, will be presenting Digital 101 at DMA’s 2017 Chicago Nonprofit Conference (August 28-30), alongside Katy Jordan of CDR Fundraising Group and Michael Hoffman of See3.

Janel will share her insights and provide online tips and tricks to establish an ongoing digital marketing and fundraising program, such as: 1) website best practices, 2) email strategy and campaigns, and 3) integration tactics.

If you won’t be attending this year’s DMA Chicago Nonprofit Conference, leave a note with the PS Digital team. They are here to discuss how to optimize your current online program and get you ready to test to see what performs best.

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