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A Note for Maddie

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Today, April 28th, 2020 would have been the day Maddie Jewel Gee turned 26 years old. Her joyous spirit was taken from us this past February, so this day now stands as a day of remembrance and celebration of life – Maddie’s life.

Maddie Jewel Gee


Maddie was approaching her one-year tenure with PS. She telecommuted full time from Katy, TX. As an Account Manager, Maddie served her clients, partners and colleagues with grace, organization, dedication, intelligence and empathy. They have all made a point to express just how deeply they cared for Maddie – she had that magnetic effect on everyone she encountered. Maddie’s family shared with us that she often expressed her excitement for a bright future here at PS. We thought the world of Maddie, both as a person and as a professional. She did indeed have an incredibly bright future ahead of her. 

PS plans on renaming and designing one of our conference rooms at our office to remember Maddie. The room known as “Huddle Room 3” will now forever be known as the “Maddie Jewel Room. We will decorate the room in a way we think will embody Maddie’s spirit and aesthetic. PS, and each person who had the pleasure of knowing Maddie, will forever remember and cherish Maddie’s life and spirit. We will start by bringing in some color, flowers and southern comfort to the Maddie Jewel conference room.

Maddie lived life to the fullest, and sharing her kind, genuine and hardworking spirit with everyone she interacted with. She had a heart of gold and knew how to build up anyone around her. Maddie had a love for handwritten notes and expressing gratitude. She reminded us of how simple and amazing it is it give and receive a handwritten note. 

How important it is to set aside even just a few seconds in our busy days to write a quick note to say, “Thank you!” or “You got this!” The difference and impact these small reminders make is huge – many of us here at PS were graced with notes from Maddie that we will cherish forever.

We are reminded how precious and just how valuable life is and the people around us are. To remind and tell them how important, special and just down-right amazing we think they are! We encourage you to think of Maddie and make it a part of your own life to send handwritten thank you or appreciation notes to those you love and care for. Start today, on Maddie’s birthday, and send a note for Maddie just as she did so thoughtfully and selflessly throughout her journey.