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agencyoutsourcingA top New York-based agency (“Agency”) that specializes in creating record-breaking fundraising campaigns for cause-based nonprofits has been a long-time partner with Production Solutions. Here’s how it all started:
To maintain its reputation for excellence and achieve its growth and profitability goals, the Agency needed to identify a proven production management partner that was sensitive to both its expectations of accuracy and its budgetary needs without increasing staff or sacrificing quality.
Production Solutions, the architects of today’s most successful direct mail production management model, drew upon 28-years of experience in delivering excellence in execution to provide a customized and scalable production process for the Agency that:

  • Exceeded Expectations
  • Saved The Agency Time And Money
  •  Streamlined Staffing Demands And
  •  Allowed The Agency To Grow Its Business And Profitability While Expertly Supporting Its Clients


Early on, the Agency realized that it needed more than the best provider of production management services, it also needed the best “partner” – one with shared goals, shared expectations and shared standards of excellence.  The Agency turned to Production Solutions for its production and nonprofit expertise, its access to and knowledge of format innovation, and its reputation for delivering customized solutions and unparalleled ease-of-process.
To create this powerful partnership, the Agency and Production Solutions strategically blended the best of the two companies to serve one goal, by crafting a list of required objectives and outcomes for the project and by establishing guidelines for a transparent communication process to ensure a frank and open exchange of critical information at all times.


For Production Solutions, the overall goal became its mission: Deliver the highest quality timely service to all of the Agency’s clients and campaigns by developing a seamless and agile production process within a fast-paced, fluid environment allowing the Agency to focus on maximizing fundraising returns for their clients, improving profitability and growing as an agency.


As the Agency’s production partner, Production Solutions took a leadership role in actively learning, sharing and adopting the expectations of quality and accuracy required by the Agency and its clients.
Armed with this critical information, Production Solutions customized its standard operating procedures to meet, and in many circumstances, exceed those expectations and built a customized and well-planned process that encompassed all aspects of production.


  • REDUCED STAFFING DEMANDS – By relying on Production Solutions, the Agency was able to avoid hiring two additional staff members – representing 15% of its overall staff structure.
  • COST SAVINGS – Upfront and open communication allows Production Solutions to suggest and deliver cost-saving ideas(i.e. program pricing and gang run opportunities) and bring its considerable experience, competitive pricing, and purchasing power to bear for the Agency and its clients.
  • GROWTH – With a trusted and solid solution for execution with production partner, Production Solutions, the Agency has turned its time and talents to growing its account teams, and in turn, its impressive list of clients, thereby, increasing their overall profitability.
  • FOCUS – By trusting Production Solutions with virtual “ownership” of its production process for its clients, the Agency has been able to focus on what they do best: developing and delivering effective fundraising strategy, unique creative and successful outcomes for their clients.
  • AWARD-WINNING CAMPAIGNS – By adopting new and innovative direct mail formats recommended by Production Solutions, the Agency’s clients’ direct marketing campaigns have breathed new life into current control packages and helped its clients to win major fundraising and direct marketing fundraising awards.
  • EXCELLENCE – By establishing common goals and expectations, Production Solutions delivers a high quality, accurate service with its customized production process solution, incorporating daily production updates, a complex photo review process with high pre-press standards, and a critical strategic understanding of the Agency’s overall goals to enable agile tactical adjustments in a fast-paced fluid environment.


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