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Alex Newell Alex Newell Senior Sourcing Manager

Throughout history, there have been moments in time that have forever altered the course of humanity. Minor shifts in a controlling organization’s previously convoluted regulations that lead to revolutionary, life-changing effects on those that abide by its rules. Only during these seminal events can one truly see the good in the overseeing organization.

This is NOT one of those events.

But for those that have had to go through the challenging process of opening new permits for themselves or the clients they represent, the United States Postal Service’s new MAIL ANYWHERE program is a close second. In short, this new technique dramatically simplifies the process by allowing qualifying users to use a SINGLE PERMIT to “Mail Anywhere” – that is, from any mail service provider across the country that has been approved to do so by the USPS. In addition to only needing one centralized permit for all mailings using that permit type, mailers are only required to pay ONE permit fee!

Of course, there are some limitations. The primary one is that the mail-service provider (lettershop, commingler, or whomever is submitting the eDoc with the mail) needs to be approved by the USPS for the MAIL ANYWHERE program. That approval is reliant on the Mail Service Provider actually participating in the eDoc submission program, and mailing Full-Service. This means that the mailer’s mail ALSO needs to be Full-Service – incorporating an IMB using the proper STID, MID, and Unique Serial Numbers for each piece in the mailing.

While the MAIL ANYWHERE program might not make headlines across the country, the simplification it offers in managing your (or your clients’) permits certainly moves the needle for mailers. Hopefully, the USPS will continue coming out with programs like this that make life easier for its biggest customers!

About the Author

Alex Newell
Alex Newell Senior Sourcing Manager

Alex, PS’ Sourcing Manager, has been serving with PS since
2017. Alex is from Wethersfield, Connecticut and he
telecommutes full-time from his home in Maine. Alex enjoys
spending time with his wife, Diane, and two kids, Liliana and
Camden, reading, mountain biking and golfing. He has also
traveled to more countries worldwide than US States, and he
once circumnavigated the globe.
Alex has over 12 years of experience in our industry,
specifically with printing and mailing. Alex promotes and
recognizes value on a regular basis, and his dedication to
provide opportunities for his team and to deliver impeccable
service is inspiring.