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BenLightenment | Cultivating Purpose Video

Benjamin Harris Benjamin Harris President
Katherine Gouldin Katherine Gouldin Brand Communications Associate

Show notes:

“Hello everyone, Ben Harris here, President with Production Solutions, coming back at you in the series of BenLightenment with “5 Self Innovation Tips in 5 minutes”! We’re diving deeper, but Tip #1, as a reminder, was to have a daily intention or daily mantra guide you as you start your day, so before you get out of bed, align yourself with your daily mantra or intention.

Tip #2 is on Cultivating Purpose. There is so much research out there today that proves that when you focus on your “why” and why you’re doing what you do, and having a focus on, and a sense of serving others, and serving a greater purpose, that you live a life that has more value or impact. And all of that contributes to just greater well-being and actually helps bring all of life’s challenges and the struggles and maybe some of the difficulties that seems so big and expansive, especially today, into perspective in a way that allows you to look at your life from a larger perspective.  As I mentioned in the opening video of this series,  a great book by Tom Rath called “Life’s Great Question” and in that book there’s a statement that I love and we use with Production Solution which is “Everyone deserves a job that serves their life.” I truly believe that that’s what we try to cultivate and do every day at PS, that’s my purpose right now is to show up in a way where I’m doing things as a leader in the company with others and for others so that the job that they do, how we treat them, how we support them within the company, supports their life.

So that’s my purpose. Just Google “how to find my life’s purpose” “how to create more purpose in my life” and you will just find countless articles, books, podcasts, contributions to bringing more purpose and having more purposeful sort of thoughts, and ways, and ideas on guiding throughout your day. You’ll be amazed what starts to sort of well-up inside of you and start to make some of the things that you have to talk or deal with day to day seem a little bit smaller, a little bit more approachable. Looking forward to coming back at you next week with Tip #3, until then, be well, stay well, and continue to be inspired.”

About the Author

Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris President

Ben, a remarkable leader, is PS’ president and he has been serving with PS for over 20 years. Ben leads fearlessly and from the heart, which inspires the PS team to do their absolute best work every day. He invests his time in the people and culture of PS, communicates authentically, and fosters a learning environment for his staff and leads by example, all while being supportive and patient to those he works. Ben is constantly inspiring and engaging his colleagues, and refers himself the “Chief Employee Officer”, with a people-focused approach. This leadership is what empowers PS’ thriving work and keeps our team in alignment with our mission.​

Residing in Alexandria, Virginia, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife, Brooke, and his three kids, Sadie, Adrian, and Tyler. He likes to exercise, have fun parties, and go to the beach in his free time.​

Katherine Gouldin
Katherine Gouldin Brand Communications Associate

Katherine is PS’ Brand Communications Associate and she has been serving with PS since 2019. Living in Great Falls, Virginia, Katherine loves writing and reading about self-improvement topics, practicing mindfulness meditation, trying international cuisines, and learning about people’s stories. Katherine is passionate about philosophy and spiritual development, she lived in Italy for five months, and she has been skydiving twice and highly recommends it!

Responsible for supporting and executing internal and external communications for PS, Katherine ensures consistent brand messaging and engagement. She supports PS leadership by writing the company Win Report and newsletters, gives a voice to the incredible work being accomplished at PS through blogs, manages social media and supports sales enablement activities. Katherine loves contributing to a mission that has purpose and makes a powerful impact.