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BenLightenment | Daily Intentions Video

Benjamin Harris Benjamin Harris President
Katherine Gouldin Katherine Gouldin Brand Communications Associate


Show notes:

“Hello everyone, Ben Harris, with Production Solutions. Coming back at you to share a little bit more about tip number one from the “5 Tips for Self Innovation” from the BenLightenment Video series that we’ve created in a time where we are growing ourselves from the inside out, beginning to lead ourselves forward, in different ways. It’s important and it’s going to help us all continue to move the world forward in a way that’s really possible to do some amazing things. Tip #1 is to have a daily intention or to land on a mantra.

From the very beginning part of the day that you wake up, lay in bed, or you can get up with your feet on the floor, or find a nice chair to sit in, close your eyes, a little bit like meditating, and just repeat your Mantra or overall daily intention for that day before you do anything else – before you brush your teeth, before you put your contacts in, definitely before you reach for any technology. Grounding and priming our mind with what it is that we want to do and how we want to be, and show up and experience others and have others experience in that day alone. One of the examples I shared in the first video was a mantra that I’ve been using which is, ‘Today I will inspire and uplift others,’ and that’s been something that’s helped me really keep my focus, keep my clear intention about all of the interactions, all of the decisions, all of the things that I need to do, that I have control over throughout the day, throughout my life where I look to inspire and uplift as many as I can while carrying out my schedule.

This is really key, it’s important that you repeat that Mantra throughout the day if you can, or that daily intention. You can use the same one day after day, after day, you can mix it up and just try it. Try it for 7 days and see how you start to feel. Especially if you find yourself getting triggered, or for the throne off you know your focus or getting into a point where you’re not sure why you’re doing all of this or feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed, come back to that mantra, center yourself, ground yourself, and I guarantee you start to really bring some different sort of calmness and focus and Clarity into everything that you need to do around that day.

And the last example I would share with you is, ‘I can do anything I set my mind to if I’m willing to pay the price for greatness.’ That’s a really bold one, and that just reinforces what it takes to be able to start to change the self narrative in the story that we’re telling ourselves. Very few people today are telling you, or us, that you’re great and you can do anything you set your mind to. That’s not to say that’s wrong or broken we could definitely do that for each other and with each other a lot more, but we need to especially do that with ourselves. Especially during a time where we’re living with so much uncertainty and pressure, change and ongoing sort of threats and not knowing what’s tomorrow’s going to bring, we have to really show up and use some real clear intention and the power of self narrative self story to keep us moving forward. You will be amazed what you start to notice about yourself in the things that you’re willing to try and do that are new and different. Until next time, be well, be inspired and continue to do great things in your life. Take care.”

About the Author

Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris President

Ben, a remarkable leader, is PS’ president and he has been serving with PS for over 20 years. Ben leads fearlessly and from the heart, which inspires the PS team to do their absolute best work every day. He invests his time in the people and culture of PS, communicates authentically, and fosters a learning environment for his staff and leads by example, all while being supportive and patient to those he works. Ben is constantly inspiring and engaging his colleagues, and refers himself the “Chief Employee Officer”, with a people-focused approach. This leadership is what empowers PS’ thriving work and keeps our team in alignment with our mission.​

Residing in Alexandria, Virginia, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife, Brooke, and his three kids, Sadie, Adrian, and Tyler. He likes to exercise, have fun parties, and go to the beach in his free time.​

Katherine Gouldin
Katherine Gouldin Brand Communications Associate

Katherine is PS’ Brand Communications Associate and she has been serving with PS since 2019. Living in Great Falls, Virginia, Katherine loves writing and reading about self-improvement topics, practicing mindfulness meditation, trying international cuisines, and learning about people’s stories. Katherine is passionate about philosophy and spiritual development, she lived in Italy for five months, and she has been skydiving twice and highly recommends it!

Responsible for supporting and executing internal and external communications for PS, Katherine ensures consistent brand messaging and engagement. She supports PS leadership by writing the company Win Report and newsletters, gives a voice to the incredible work being accomplished at PS through blogs, manages social media and supports sales enablement activities. Katherine loves contributing to a mission that has purpose and makes a powerful impact.