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BenLightenment | VUCA: Volatile

Benjamin Harris Benjamin Harris President
Katherine Gouldin Katherine Gouldin Brand Communications Associate

Show notes:

“Hello everyone, welcome back! My name is Ben Harris, president with Production Solutions, in the video series called ‘How to thrive in a VUCAFIED world’! In this video, we’re going to dive into the first letter of the acronym VUCA, which stands for: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Volatile is in its simplest form, unexpected changes at a very rapid pace, which describes a lot of what we’re dealing with these days. So here’s tip number one: when things are volatile it’s important that you have an anchor.

Another term for an anchor could be a vision, or purpose, or commitment. I like the visual of an anchor because you can even close your eyes when things are swirling and changing at very fast, unexpected rates and levels, and you can think about anchoring yourself.

Something of significance that’s going to hold you steady through the storm, through the current, through the rapid change that we’re all experiencing. A good example of an anchor could be: I’m going to get to bed every night, no matter what, before 9:30.  And really be anchored in that so that you can be rested and ready to go the next day. It could also be that I’m going to make sure I send two or three emails or notes to a colleague everyday, to let them know how much I appreciate them and their support and their camaraderie during this very challenging time. Or it could be that I’m going to make a phone call to a donor, or customer, that I haven’t talked to. Once, every day, let them know how much I appreciate their partnership, their commitment, etc., to our mission, and our organization. So something that’s going to anchor you, to keep you grounded and steady, as everything else around you continues to change at a rapid rate.

The 2nd tip is to phone a friend, or colleague. There’s a power in our voice! And hearing the voice of others, not on video, but over the phone where our ears really pick up a lot of the empathy, sympathy, and love and respect, and actual camaraderie, that comes through conversation. Through our voice. From our voice to our ears. So no matter what  Happens each day, be intentional about using the phone, and the phone only, to reach out and phone a friend. Go to a family member, colleague, customer, donor, (as i just mentioned). But really getting into a quality conversation that typically you could do maybe at an in-person event or a conference, or lunch or dinner, that we can’t do right now. It’s really important that you practice that even if it’s for 5 to 10 minutes each day, that you’re getting yourself in the act of having a quality, undistracted conversation. Where you are putting the phone up to your ear, doing a little bit of the old school way, of how we used to talk to each other – really that was the only way we talked to each other before email, before text, or social media. SO there you have it – 2 tips to help you really be stable and grounded in this volatile time.

We look forward to seeing you in the next video series next week. Until then, be well, be inspired, and believe that life happens FOR us. Take care.”

About the Author

Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris President

Ben, a remarkable leader, is PS’ president and he has been serving with PS for over 20 years. Ben leads fearlessly and from the heart, which inspires the PS team to do their absolute best work every day. He invests his time in the people and culture of PS, communicates authentically, and fosters a learning environment for his staff and leads by example, all while being supportive and patient to those he works. Ben is constantly inspiring and engaging his colleagues, and refers himself the “Chief Employee Officer”, with a people-focused approach. This leadership is what empowers PS’ thriving work and keeps our team in alignment with our mission.​

Residing in Alexandria, Virginia, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife, Brooke, and his three kids, Sadie, Adrian, and Tyler. He likes to exercise, have fun parties, and go to the beach in his free time.​

Katherine Gouldin
Katherine Gouldin Brand Communications Associate

Katherine is PS’ Brand Communications Associate and she has been serving with PS since 2019. Living in Great Falls, Virginia, Katherine loves writing and reading about self-improvement topics, practicing mindfulness meditation, trying international cuisines, and learning about people’s stories. Katherine is passionate about philosophy and spiritual development, she lived in Italy for five months, and she has been skydiving twice and highly recommends it!

Responsible for supporting and executing internal and external communications for PS, Katherine ensures consistent brand messaging and engagement. She supports PS leadership by writing the company Win Report and newsletters, gives a voice to the incredible work being accomplished at PS through blogs, manages social media and supports sales enablement activities. Katherine loves contributing to a mission that has purpose and makes a powerful impact.