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Call to Action: Respond to the USPS Proposal on Non-Paper Based Components

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UPDATE (10/3/18): The USPS issued a clarification on September 20th stating that IF the rules for enclosures changes, any new requirements will not go into effect until 2020 at the earliest. The industry has done a great job submitting opposition letters and the USPS has already received over 3,600 letters! Keep them coming and submit your letter by Monday, October 22nd.

It’s time to rally! The letter template is here and your help is needed to let the USPS know the negative impact the current Marketing Mail proposal will have on the nonprofit industry. The more entities who speak up now, the better opportunity we’ll have getting the USPS’s attention around how detrimental this ruling could be to the mailing industry.

Submit an opposition letter to the USPS ( with a subject line of: “USPS Marketing Mail Content Eligibility” by Friday, September 14th. While you’re welcome to construct your own opposition letter language, you can find the following support materials as pulled together by the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers and ADRFCO to get you started:

  1. Sample Template Letter  (personalize with your details)
  2. Notes and tips on how to compile the most impactful opposition letter
  3. Examples of premiums that may remind you to review components within your own mailings

Reach out to a PS team member, should you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your support!


On Wednesday, August 22, 2018 the Postal Service shared advance notice of a proposed ruling that would no longer allow any non-paper based contents (premiums) within Marketing Mail Letters and Flats.

This means any Marketing Mail Letter and Flat containing coins, magnets, paper clips, plastic member cards, or other premiums that aren’t made entirely of paper, would be disqualified from current rates and subject to mail at other, more expensive mail classes such as priority mail or parcels. A ruling like this would be a big hit to the nonprofit industry and the many organizations who support their direct mail fundraising efforts.

The good news? By taking action, you can influence and encourage the USPS to back down on this ruling.

Take Action: Submit an Opposition Letter

The 60-day open comment period commences today, Thursday, August 23, 2018. Production Solutions (PS) will be submitting a letter in opposition to the Postal Rate Commission to let them know the damaging effects this ruling could have on the nonprofit industry as many, if not all organizations would have to eliminate such components as the higher postage cost would be prohibitive.

We recommend that each organization – nonprofits, mail service partners and providers write an opposition letter to be added to the list on the Federal Register. It is critical to include forecasted annual mail volume that would be adversely affected by this proposed change and if possible, reference the up-tick in response that your organization realizes by including the non-paper based components. The more entities who speak up now, the better chance the USPS will back down on this ruling.

Need a letter template? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to a member of the PS team today and we’d be happy to assist.

Potential Timing

There is no reference to when, if approved, this new ruling could go in to place, but it is possible the new rules could take effect as early as January 2019 with the anticipated rate changes. Here is a link to the proposed rule as listed on the Federal Register:

The team at PS will continue to monitor this situation and will be in touch as more information is available. Should you have any questions, please reach out.