CFRE joins Business Development Team

Production Solutions

thumbnailMeg Ferguson, CFRE, joins the PS|PS Digital Business Development Team this Spring, and brings strategic expertise to our clients.

With more than 15 years of direct marketing, fundraising campaign and production management experience, Meg joins a revamped Business Development Team including strategy, trends and marketing experts.

“We’ve heard our clients,” says COO Ben Harris. “They’re looking to us to leverage our experience in this industry to help them maximize their ROI. With the recent postage rate rollback, our nonprofit partners have the ability to do more with their direct mail programs going into the 3rd and 4th quarters. We’re making sure our team is set up for their success.”

Throughout her career, Meg has developed and implemented strategic direct marketing programs for a variety of large-scale nonprofit organizations. She has managed creative strategy – copy, design, list and data selection/optimization processes and utilized campaign results to execute a variety of different testing strategies.

“I earned my CFRE accreditation in March 2015,” said Meg. “I did so in order to educate myself in a broader scope of philanthropic fundraising and to be able to more comprehensively serve my nonprofit clients’ needs.  With the certification I have a unique understanding of the importance of relationship building, as well as ethics and accountability, and a realization that fundraising and long-term sustainability are about much more than securing a single gift.”

CEO George Lizama is proud of the way his company continues to innovate as it approaches three decades of nonprofit service. “We’re almost 30 years old now, so we’re hitting our adult groove you could say. We’re embracing what we’ve learned in our 20s and really using that to integrate production, digital, strategy, trends and marketing. It’s an exciting time for growth.”

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