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Cost Savings Series Finale: Topic #7 – PLAN!

Production Solutions

For the past six weeks, you have been hearing from subject matter experts on ways that you can find savings in your mailings by making a few changes to your creative and postal strategy. From formats and premiums, to ganging and paper stock, to ink and postal, we hope our cost savings series has benefited your program in many ways. These simple tips and ideas can be used to find cost savings in your program in areas you may have overlooked. A cornerstone goal of the PS service experience is to minimize surprises for our clients and suppliers while still working to help identify cost saving options to maximize your program. 

We remain committed to keeping price increases from happening without warning or planning time, while also leading a sustainable pathway forward in partnership with our suppliers on behalf of our clients. Production Solutions places the quality and timeliness of your campaigns at the top of our value proposition. Reaching your donors and constituents is critical, and there is simply zero margin for error when it comes to the execution of your direct mail communications. Omissions and/or missed mail dates are detrimental to your annual fundraising and overall mission achievement goals. This is why PS continually invests in the people, processes, and systems which make it possible to flawlessly execute on your behalf, along with expecting our supplier partners to do the same.

Your program’s sustained success has always been linked to labor market forces, but the dynamics of Covid-19 have underscored this connection in unique ways. Therefore, the most important and consistent behavior required within PS, and from our clients and suppliers alike is PLANNING. It is key for you to remain open and flexible to new ideas and tactics which your PS team may bring to the table to help manage your costs. 

Final Tip: Plan, plan, and plan some more! Planning ahead will be the most important and instrumental tool you can use to navigate your program with us. Together, we will navigate partnership and solutions-based thinking – all with your personal and your program’s best interest and bottom line in mind.

If you are interested in a program audit, we would love to talk to you about how Production Solutions can help you better navigate the complexities of your budget!