Director of Digital Services expands leadership & expertise at PS Digital

Production Solutions

Janel2v2Digital and Creative strategist Janel Clement joins the PS|PS Digital team as the Director of Digital Services. In this brand new role, Janel adds digital marketing and creative expertise under Sr. Vice President, Jim Jacobs.

“There’s been tremendous growth within PS Digital,” said PS|PS Digital Co-Founder and Partner Greg Albright. “As we continue to expand the digital side of our business, we need experts like Janel to meet the growing digital marketing needs of our clients.”

Janel brings more than 20 years of creative, marketing and communications experience to the team, with a focus on website design and development. Her addition to the team comes in tandem with PS Digital’s successful launch of the newly designed US Equestrian Team Foundation’s website, and huge digital marketing successes with Capital Caring and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

“We’re proactive in meeting our clients’ needs. We know that to be effective in digital marketing, a strong website and digital strategy is critical,” said Jim Jacobs. “Janel brings added expertise to our team for web strategy, design, development, testing, and analysis.

Janel will lead the PS Digital team in client service, project direction, and administrative oversight. Having previous experience as a creative director, Janel has proven strategic and leadership abilities, and is passionate about working with nonprofits. Her goal is to make a difference for our clients and the people they serve by inspiring, envisioning, and producing top-notch work.

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