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DMFA Says, “Let’s Talk Production.”

Production Solutions

DMFA NY recently held a half day workshop entitled Let’s Talk Production where industry leaders gave advice on how to stay on top of a hectic direct mail schedule. What technologies and resources should you be tapping into to make each job run more smoothly? What’s the cost of postage these days?  What kinds of problems should you be looking for when reviewing your lives? How can you produce great quality while keeping costs low? You will find answers to these questions and more in the presentations featured below.

Meg Ferguson of PMG Direct and Shannon Murphy of CCAH shed light on the basics of direct mail production, and the importance of production partners:

Let’s Talk Production (DMFA Presentation) from Nonprofit Education

Elise Buck of MailSmart Logistics and Kelly Gilbert of Concord Litho discuss lettershop production techniques in the below presentation:

Learn the Ins and Outs of Lettershop Production (DMFA Presentation) from Nonprofit Education

Joel Kaufman of Chroma Graphics shared pertinent tips on printing:

Dmfa printing copy from jfk4032