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Effectively Manage Your Multi-Channel Campaigns

Jaime McQueen Jaime McQueen Marketing Director
Michelle Johnston Michelle Johnston Senior Manager of Strategic Development

In an increasingly digital era, direct mail still thrives! Why? Because the mail catches the attention more effectively of almost every household, unlike emails which can be easily ignored, social media and internet ads which can easily be overlooked, and text messaging which can be deleted without a glance. Direct mail will, in almost every case, be at least acknowledged and often opened. That’s not to say that digital marketing isn’t also extremely effective, it is! But these various channels are valuable in different ways. The best strategy can sometimes be to leverage them to work in concert to achieve even better results.

Did you know on average it takes seven touch points to inspire action? Integrated messaging is a great strategy which can amplify your messaging and increasing your opportunities with additional layers of touch points. All of those layers can work together to move a person to take that step and join in your journey towards making the world a better place with their donation.

This month we will be looking at a few things to remember when you are setting up and running a multi-channel campaign.

  1. Plan in Advance. The easiest way to set up your campaign for success, is to make sure that you are designing your campaign with multi-channel in mind. This may mean that you need to have your digital and direct mail teams actively working together to brainstorm ideas that will work for both types of campaigns. Ensure that the final campaign has a cohesive message that will reach both types of donors. Your art department, copy writers, strategists and even your implementation teams (from direct mail production to digital creators) need to all be working in the same direction to create brand recognition and cross channel touchpoints which lift the results of all of the efforts.
  2. Timing is everything. Coordinate your campaigns carefully. Make sure you understand not just the production schedules of the mail but also the post-production schedules. When will the bulk of the mail be hitting homes? How long will it take for the mail to hit all areas of the country? Is the digital campaign better run at the same time as the mail, slightly before or slightly after the mail hits? A great campaign can easily fail if the timing is not right.
  3. Track your success. Do you have a system for measuring the impact of the mail on digital gifts? Are you currently tracking digital and mail donors separately? For some donors, giving online is the preferred way to donate, but they may have been compelled to do so by the mail they receive. Think about how you will matchback those donors to both the mail and digital campaigns, so you have a full view of what worked, and for whom. Consider creating PURLs (personalized, custom URLs sent to each donor) to maximize your tracking options.
  4. Create lots of ways to give. Give direct mail donors as many choices as possible of how to give to your organization. Here is where digital can really enhance direct mail specifically! Here are some ideas:Add a QR code to your mailing.
    • Try voice-activated giving (giving through Google Home or Amazon Echo) by adding your activation phrase to the mail.
    • Add information about your social media channels and how they can get involved
    • Add a texting number as a mobile giving option to your reply card.
    • Leverage Informed Delivery as another digital touchpoint for your mailpeice.

In conclusion, direct mail and digital fundraising when planned appropriately, can create synergy and amplify results by creating a deeper connection with your donors! Contact a production expert at PS today to learn more about how we can set up your next integrated campaign for success!

About the Author

Jaime McQueen
Jaime McQueen Marketing Director

With over 11 years in the marketing and advertising industry, Jaime is an experienced marketing professional. Her background in product management, digital marketing, web design and development, print production, project management and sales along with her unique blend of strategic, technical, business and creative acuity positions her to problem solve with a multi-faceted approach. She has a demonstrated history of building long-lasting, productive relationships, driving results and leading from her seat each and every day.

Jaime has served as a PS team member since 2018. She telecommutes full-time from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She loves to spend time with her husband, Troy, their beagle, and rotating herd of rescue cats. Jaime is a proud board member of her local United Way Young Philanthropist Chapter and volunteers as a member of the Bridge Conference Marketing Committee. She has also served passionately with pet rescue work since she was a small child with her mother who instilled in her a deep love for animals. In her free time she loves to spend time at the oceanfront, ride her beach cruiser, try new recipes and play in her garden. Her favorite quote is from the great Audrey Hepburn, “to plant a a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Michelle Johnston
Michelle Johnston Senior Manager of Strategic Development

Michelle, PS’ Senior Manager of Strategic Development, has
been serving with PS since 2013. Michelle is from
Woodbridge, Virginia and she telecommutes full-time from
Leesburg, Virginia. Michelle enjoys spending time with her
husband, singing and papercrafting!
Michelle has over 10 years of experience in our industry, and
she has worked with more than 10 of PS’ clients, including the
Wildlife Land Trust, National Jewish Health, Heifer
International, The ALS Association, HelpMeSee and Special
Olympics. Michelle works on developing PS’ strategy and her
dedication to communicating authentically and investing in
success are just some of the reasons that Michelle is such a
valuable asset to her team.