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Election Mail Overload – How to Stand Out in the Mailbox

Production Solutions

Every 4 years our mailboxes are overwhelmed with election mail. How do you stand out amongst the noise? Here are some envelope techniques to help you get your mail noticed amongst the political mail this fall.

Peek-a Boo Window

What’s lurking inside your envelope? This envelope sample shows a sneak peek at what the donor can find inside. Maybe it is a stamped RE like the first example or maybe you are showing a peek at a premium. Or you can use this idea to highlight the type of package like the bottom sample. This package houses a petition and the window shows where the donor signature is needed. The red “Sign here” flag is preprinted and brings attention to the window.

Handwritten Envelope Note

This envelope uses a preprinted “handwritten” note to show an extension of the match deadline, the deadline and a “handwritten” signature above the return address. This gives the envelope the look that someone has personally looked at and updated the envelope.

Official Document OE

These envelopes look like “official“ mail that needs to be opened by the donor. You can use techniques like barcodes, personalized meters or document numbers to add to the illusion.

Snap Pack

Another version of the official document envelope is the Snap Pack. The top sample is opened with perf off strips on the sides and top. The bottom sample is actually an inline envelope that looks like the Snap Pack but has a traditional flap in the back.

Interactive Pieces

Look for ways to further engage the donor by adding an interactive piece to your envelope. Whether it be a sticker like the one on the left or a zip opening like the one on the right, an interactive element can make people curious about what’s inside.

Envelope within an Envelope

You can also try a double envelope. This example shows a closed faced envelope inside of a window envelope. The outer envelope is left intentionally blank. This technique make it look like you have packaged up something special to share with the donors that needs to be kept confidential.

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