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Ensure Your Message and Mission Get Delivered Through Trigger Campaigns

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Trigger campaigns are exactly what they sound like – event based campaigns launched on the occurrence of a specific activity. The benefit and value of using a trigger campaign is simple: having different types of media all delivered around the same time targeting a given topic or goal helps reach your donors on multiple levels.

Today’s consumers are so accustomed to multi-channel marketing, which is why it is important for nonprofits to think as true marketers and reach their donors from every angle. Donors want to feel connected to the causes they support and trigger campaigns can help them better understand and reinforce the importance of the specific topic or purpose. Personalized, multi-channel marketing efforts can help build and obtain loyalty with your cause.

So how can nonprofits apply this practice to their communication strategy? The easiest example is to send an email on the same day the direct mail piece is set to hit the donor’s mailbox. The good news is setting up a trigger campaign is easy. Most of the effort is spent upfront outlining and detailing the plan. Decide on the goal for the campaign, how you want donors to react, and determine how success will be measured.

From there, we launch your campaign and it is a straightforward process:

  1. We will monitor the delivery of the direct mail piece by accessing the USPS’ tracking information with the intention of letting you know delivery will occur within the next 24 to 48 hours.
  2. The customizable file of scanned records is created and delivered to you for review.
  3. From there, a pre-planned e-mail and/or phone call with tailored messaging complementing and/or acknowledging the direct mail piece is made.

With USPS’ dedication to informed visibility, knowing when a mail piece will arrive is more transparent than ever. Here at PS, we aim to have a valuable relationship with our clients by understanding their needs and being able to offer unmatched, customized services.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how trigger campaigns can help you better target your donors and ensure you get the most from your direct mail campaigns!