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Finite Space, Infinite Productivity

Production Solutions

After months of planning and preparing, Production Solutions (PS) is eager to announce a minor relocation of office space and the infinite opportunities that lie ahead. Creating an open, modern atmosphere with ample natural light and areas dedicated to meeting and collaborating, PS is moving from Suite 600 to Suite 500. Communicating with all departments, PS’ very own Office Space Planning Committee took an approach of building the new area based off of the insights and input of the staff.  A smaller work zone of 9,000 square feet fosters a more flexible and mobile environment, with the encouraged option of telecommuting. PS is continuing to grow by leaning into action, and moving into a new era.

With a smaller space of 53 seats total, more employees will be telecommuting rather than having a presence in the office daily. Research has demonstrated the health benefit of lower stress levels and the business benefit of higher levels of productivity when telecommuting. Telecommuting permits a boundless talent pool—people in different regions and states can work for PS, even if not in the office. Currently, PS has employees working from a total of 14 different states, with 41 employees telecommuting full time. PS empowers employees to work where they are at their best, trusting that they will perform to their highest potential as professionals. Maintaining and growing relationships in this authentic environment that is PS will now be accomplished by balancing a presence in the office with the leverage of technology.

“The virtuous approach that we have been taking with our culture,” Ben Harris, Production Solutions President, says, “is having trust and confidence in our employees to do a great job regardless of whether they are in the office in Tysons or in their home office.” Trusting performance over presence, employees are happier and healthier, embracing a wellness aspect in their careers.

There are many unknowns that come with a transformation of this scale, and although excited and enthusiastic, PS is open to the fact that this is a significant change for the company. Taking risks allows PS to advance itself as a company and to progress the common goal of investing in success. PS is prepared to make adjustments and is committed to working with all employees to ensure that everyone is fully comfortable in the new office space.

“Taking risks is essential in order to grow and advance yourself and your business every day, you need to be able to push yourself into areas of discomfort and the unknown. That’s when you meet your true potential. When you push beyond your comfort zone. And you don’t go alone,” Harris states.

PS leadership strongly believes that the move will improve employee engagement, which is proven to enhance client satisfaction, efficiency and profitability. The value of investing in success provides opportunities, fosters a stronger learning environment and recognizes and promotes value for the PS team, for the business and for our clients.

The move is “a natural progression in how quickly we’ve been able to advance the company’s culture and our openness to change, and to be in the position of creating the future we want. As opposed to waiting for the future to come to us, we are creating it. So, let’s push ourselves farther forward in order to get ahead of the accelerated curve, in order for us to continue to be leaders in all we do,” says Harris. The PS team is working to reduce its carbon footprint by keeping more and more employees off the road, using less energy in a smaller space and aiming to go paperless by the end of 2019.

With big changes ahead and the world accelerating rapidly, PS unites and takes on new opportunities with a growth mindset. Confident that the outstanding culture of the company will remain because the culture lies within its people, and is not confined to physical proximity or spaces, PS continues to serve and live out its mission regardless of size and physical location. After all, culture trumps strategy.

The Production Solutions team hopes that you will visit us in 1953 Gallows Road after August 6th, only this time, in Suite 500.