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The Fundraising Precision of ExactAsk™

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Layering donor data with census data through ExactAsk™ can change the way you approach donors and improve your response.

The official description of ExactAsk™ – a product of Arjuna Solutions – defines the service as donation maximization through predictive analytics, but that doesn’t begin to describe the complexities that can generate 70%+ increases in campaign revenue.*

Here’s how it works

ExactAsk™ enables nonprofits to leverage the massive amount of available consumer data by taking into account the behavioral, demographic, transactional, and contextual information of donors already in your file.

ExactAsk’s patented analytics engine uses this information to predict the amount individual donors are willing to give an organization. This seamless integration of big data enhances and improves traditional fundraising methods by providing a single, targeted donation ask.

“Our goal at PS|PS Digital is to continually provide our partners with value beyond execution and ensuring that we optimize each and every campaign for our clients,” said COO Ben Harris. “To do that, we use ExactAsk in addition to our industry aggregation and postal expertise. We send and track over 350 million mailpieces each year, along with more than 3 million emails. Overlaying that depth of knowledge with ExactAsk’s predictive analytics enables us to live our promise of delivering results on time, every time.”

Many nonprofit organizations struggle to find the time, bandwidth, and funds to effectively leverage big data into fundraising campaigns. This could mean leaving mission-critical dollars on the table. The ExactAsk strategy not only provides a way to maximize each donation ask, but also saves time and money by eliminating the need to source and purchase new data.

“The ultimate goal is to steward donors from small givers to lifetime supporters,” said Meg Ferguson, CFRE and PS|PS Digital Business Development Director. “Thoughtful cultivation is the best way to do that, and that sort of cultivation is only successful by learning more about your current donors. Why do they support now, what could they support in the future, and how can a nonprofit be the organization that best meets their philanthropic desires? These are all questions ExactAsk™ endeavors to help answer.”

According to the Donor Effectiveness Project’s 2015 Report, donor retention averaged 43%, while donor attrition was a hefty 57%. ExactAsk™ offers nonprofits the ability to make a much more informed second ask, and can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving a second gift.

The PS|PS Digital team recognizes the benefits ExactAsk™ can bring to our clients, so we’re offering a free test! Contact our Client Strategy Team today to learn more.

*Results from an ExactAsk™ Case Study with KLRU-TV, Austin Texas. Read the full case study online.