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Help Protect USPS Rate Making As We Know It

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Earlier this month, we shared a MAJOR WIN for Nonprofit Mailers when the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) agreed that the USPS’s petition to change 60 percent ratio for Nonprofit Marketing Mail wasn’t a viable concept and would send our industry into a tailspin.

The PRC heard us loud and clear and we need to be sure they hear us again this week! The deadline is approaching for comments on Docket RM 2017-3, which if approved, could result in rate shock to most organizations. Specifically, we need to ask that the PRC not grant the United States Postal Service full discretion to alter and impact rate making policies.

Some of the modifications suggested could negatively impact Nonprofit Mailers, year over year with increases of 4-5%. This could result in a very unpredictable and unstable environment to what many organizations count on as the main revenue source that supports their cause. To read more about the potential impact to postage rates being proposed as a result of the mandated 10-year review, please refer to our article on the topic.

A custom letter is suggested, but here is a sample letter that the DMA Nonprofit Federation shared outlining the key points you’ll want to include.

You can fill out a Temporary Account on the PRC website that you’ll need in order to upload your letter. Remember the deadline is 4:30 EST this Thursday, March 1st, so please take a few minutes to let the PRC know how important your direct mail efforts are to the viability of your mission and that jolting rate shock will ultimately mean less mail volume for us and the USPS.