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How-To: Remote Working!

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The ability to work from home has many perks, but has its drawbacks as well. Even though it provides a tremendous amount of flexibility to skip the commute, reduce your carbon footprint, have a more adaptive schedule to care for your family and still remain productive, it can sometimes feel isolating and requires us to be intentional about connecting with one another. It is critical to put in the time and effort to connect among your team members so that you don’t feel isolated or alone when you are missing out on that in-person, human to human interaction.

By leaning into the remote working culture over the past several years, PS has learned a number of practices to make for a successful remote work environment. Here are some helpful resources we wanted to share with you to help you set yourself up for success in your work-zone.

Make It Personal
  • Start your meetings with a personal question. Take the time to discuss your weekend and your personal life as appropriate.
  • Create your own “watercooler” by conducting virtual happy hours as well as coffee and lunch dates.
Bring Humanity Into It
  • Always have your camera on while on video calls.
  • Make an effort to talk face to face with at least 3 people per day. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call!
Make An Effort to Come Together
  • Be intentional about creating opportunities for the team to come together in person several times per year.
  • For example, we celebrate: Employee Appreciation Week, Supplier Party Week, Summer Sizzler, All-Hands Summit, Team Summits, Conferences, and more!
Set A Working Environment
  • Be sure you have a private office/dedicated workspace for just that – WORK! So that when you enter this space, it is work and not play.
  • Remove clutter and set your space up in a way that inspires you.
  • Get up from your seat and stretch often!
  • Take a walking meeting.
Plan, Plan, Plan
  • Develop a morning routine.
  • Get strict with working hours.
  • Schedule breaks.

And last but not least, ALWAYS ask for what you need!


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