Industry Leader Production Solutions/PS Digital Merges with Moore DM Group

Production Solutions

New Alliance Strengthens Both Companies;
Augments Moore’s Ability to Serve Clients

VIENNA, Va. November 29, 2016 – Production Solutions/PS Digital (PS/PSD) and the Moore DM Group (Moore) today announced a strategic merger that will enhance service to our clients and agency partners by uniting two industry-leading cultures focused on people, innovation, and performance.

In joining Moore, PS/PSD adds a more robust array of services to offer clients and maintains its leaders’ commitment to continuous growth and market relevancy. Moore adds a fully integrated team known for operational excellence and deep relationship skills.

“This is a rare opportunity to accelerate our growth and impact for our clients in the industry,” said PS/PSD Chief Executive Officer George Lizama. “In one stroke, we were able to honor our legacy enterprise, and increase our footprint and impact in the industry. We are now able to offer more resources to our clients and agency partners, and to expand professional capacities and opportunities for our staff.” George Lizama will serve as an advisor during the transition. At year end, he will retire after 40 years of service in the industry.

The company’s two other owners, Greg Albright and Wayne Lizama, will join Moore DM Group as executives. Greg Albright will take on the role of Chief Relationship Officer while Wayne Lizama will serve as Chief Operating Officer. Greg Albright and Wayne Lizama will also serve on the Moore DM Group advisory board. In addition, Greg Albright and Wayne Lizama will continue to serve as CRO and CFO of PS/PS Digital, respectively.  As part of the merger, PS/PS Digital’s COO, Ben Harris, will be elevated to the position of President in recognition of his exceptional leadership and outstanding contributions since joining the company in 1998.

“I’m proud to welcome PS/PS Digital into the Moore family and thank George Lizama for his industry-leading role over the past 40 years,” said Jim Moore, founder of Moore DM Group. “Production Solutions has developed the industry gold standard in production management and client services, which means we are able to offer another best-in-class service for the Moore family of clients.”

“By joining Moore, PS/PS Digital will bring greater opportunities to our current and prospective clients,” Greg Albright said. “Now we’ll be able to leverage expertise from nearly all sectors of the fundraising industry to enhance our clients’ programs.”

Wayne Lizama added, “This merger now makes us a part of a large, robust and growing consortium of companies. We’ll be positioned to offer our clients the best in class in procurement services with a combination of the PS/PSD trusted supplier base and Moore’s depth in manufacturing capabilities.”

Ben Harris also said, “This is an exciting merger in so many ways and, most importantly, it allows us to maintain our focus on staff’s development and growth opportunities. In addition to our culture and commitment to an excellent customer experience, PS/PSD will be further equipped with new resources and expertise to complement our already robust supplier partnership network.”

PS/PS Digital will continue its growth as an independent business unit specializing in value-added direct mail and digital execution serving its clients and agency partners from their Vienna, VA headquarters.

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