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Informed Delivery: Exciting Present and Bright Future!

Production Solutions

Hopefully, by now you’ve heard about the postal services’ exciting new product, Informed Delivery! Some of you may even have run a campaign or two, but for those new to it, it’s time to Get Informed About Informed Delivery.

A subscriber of Informed Delivery can see the mailpieces coming in their mailbox every day via email or an online dashboard. These are usually black and white scans of each letter-size mailpiece, but for those mailers that wish to run an Informed Delivery campaign, their messaging comes in full-color AND provides a link to a landing page of the client’s choice!

Above, you can see what a subscriber sees when they check their Informed Delivery email or dashboard every morning.

  • The top has a standard mailpiece image that will show for every letter coming in that day.
  • The second image down is from a specially designed Informed Delivery campaign.
  • Notice how there are two full-color images – the first is a Representative image that can take the place of the mailpiece image, and the second Ride Along image is the link to the client’s landing page.

Continued growth and major potential!
Across the nation, more and more people are signing up for Informed Delivery at the USPS website. There are currently over 10.6 million subscribers with 20,000 more joining each day. Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) released more up-to-date stats recently showing that over half of people in their poll signed up last month!

Informed Delivery campaigns start with a Pre-Campaign analysis to evaluate the subscriber saturation of the mailfile you wish to sync up with a campaign, and for Production Solutions’ non-profit client base, that saturation is at about 8-10% of our non-profit client’s mailfiles. That is quite a sizable group of donors our clients can reach with this exciting, multi-channel messaging!

60% of respondents check their Informed Delivery notifications EVERY DAY, with almost half checking those on a mobile device. Over 50% of Millennials polled say they would check their mail more often if they had Informed Delivery. If the landing page linked to the messaging is created specifically for Informed Delivery, you now have yet another method of tracking B2C response rates from all age groups. Even with linking to a standard website, our Post-Campaign analysis will show how many received the notifications, how many saw it via email, and how many clicked through to the landing page.

What does the future hold?
Time will tell, as they say. But interest is high in Informed Delivery and the USPS has already announced potential new additions. Some of these include: alerts for post office closures, the ability to add multiple locations to your account (home/business, vacation home, etc.), personal assistant integration (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.), and flagging potentially important pieces, like bills. These exciting possibilities coupled with rapid adoption and growth of the program are all signs pointing to a bright future for Informed Delivery.

INTERESTED? Let our postal experts as Production Solutions do the heavy lifting and get a campaign synced up with your mailing today!