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Is it Time for a Direct Mail Program Health Check?

Production Solutions

There are a multitude of factors to consider when it comes to the execution of your direct mail program. Every single campaign presents opportunities and challenges from new package format ideas to unforeseen supply chain issues that can arise from circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Volatility in the various commodity markets, a weather event or the passage of legislation has the potential to wreck even the best-laid plans. It can feel exhausting, but ultimately, can also present opportunities to solve problems creatively so that your efforts and your organization can continue to thrive.

Knowing is half the battle, and is definitely the best first step toward effectively managing these myriad risks. Enter the production audit.

Our no obligation production audit can help assess where you are, and where there are areas ripe for improvement. Receive key insights into the health of your program and uncover how to reduce your risk to safeguard your direct mail program investment.

What Will We Do During Our Audit?

Evaluate your program landscape. Our proven process begins by collecting detailed information about your current program (package samples, mail plans, postal certificates, etc.)

Experience the PS difference. We then analyze each step in your process – from competitive bidding and postal optimization, to package trends, to quality control process touch points – so that we can offer financial and strategic recommendations to bring your program into focus, and your life easier.

Elevate your production process. Once the assessment is complete, findings are shared. We answer any questions you may have, along with providing consultation on how to improve and shift to a better approach.

We certainly can’t predict the future, but we can help you mitigate risk through exceptional planning and creative problem solving. We leverage our incredible supplier network to maintain agility when you need it most. Our culture of responsiveness and excellence in customer service helps us provide you and your organization with an experience that not only helps your bottom line, but most importantly, lifts some of the weight from your shoulders. In unpredictable times, it is truly vital to stay ahead of the curve and partner with a bold and resourceful team that will aim to make more possible for you and your critical missions.

So, let us assume the risk for you! Contact us today to schedule your no-strings-attached Production Audit.