Let Me Repeat…The Name of My Blog is Production Interrupted

Production Solutions

Direct Marketing Production Management Pioneer Reveals Why He Blogs, but Warns Not to Expect It to Be a “Tell-All” Book

Production Interrupted: I named it so, because of my 30-year background in direct response procurement and implementation and the fact that I helped build one successful fundraising agency and went on to co-found Production Solutions, a long-running master direct marketing production management firm.

Welcome to my little soap box.

Welcome to my little soap box.

All of this is to say that I felt compelled to write about my experience and thoughts regarding the direct response industry: sales, organizational development, inward and outward relationship cultivation in a “cray cray,” humorous and sometimes emotional way.

Some of my writings are about awful things (and awful bosses or people) I have experienced in the past that I want to share, in hopes of helping others to avoid said things and said personality-types.

Some of my writings are about sales and marketing inside and outside my organization where I will share tools and events that will help you to grow as a marketer, as well as help you and your company stay relevant in this ever-changing and challenging industry of direct response (thank you very much struggling USPS and the advance of the digital world!).

My blog from time to time will have a guest blogger…possibly a veteran direct response copy writer, supplier, strategist, designer, fundraiser or advertiser who can also add to the “dish” about the industry.

I hope the many readers I have right now stay on board and that I will one day have to tackle the best problem to have: a rush of new readers.

And for some of you…STOP trying to find out if some of my examples are people or work you know!

This is an op/ed, my friends – the first amendment at its best…it is my “soap box” called Production Interrupted…it is not a “tell-all” book!

Thank you for your continued interest in Production Interrupted. I love writing it…I hope you like reading it. Please, any and all feedback and candid feelings on any topics are always welcomed.