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How Mail Tracking Reports Ensure Dependable Mail Handling

Production Solutions

There was a recent article in the Washington Post highlighting an OIG (Office of Inspector General) audit report that determined the USPS did not accurately account for the on-hand delayed mail within their facilities, essentially ‘underreporting’ their figures. While the report estimated billions of delayed mail to the facilities during the audit timeframe, rest assured, our mail tracking indicates it was business as usual for your in-home dates.

As result of the findings, the OIG is recommending for the USPS to require formal training for personnel involved in supervising, conducting, and reporting daily mail counts. They also advised that management should review reports for accuracy and the Mail Condition Reporting used by the processing facilities should integrate other data points available within the USPS.

Here at Production Solutions we take delivery of your direct mail campaigns seriously. We are committed to vendor accountability and closely monitor your in-home dates by leveraging a robust mail tracking platform. Through the collection of data scans and tracking of every single mail piece that passes through our hands, we are able to ensure consistent, dependable mail handling.

Curious to see how your mail delivery is trending? We offer various mail tracking data reports in easy-to-read formats so you can can compare year over year, seasonal, and monthly delivery trends. If you would like to learn more about these reports and additional tracking tools, reach out to a PS team member today.