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Maximize Your Budget with the PS|PS Digital Calendar Gang

Production Solutions

Calendar campaigns are a mainstay in the annual mailing rotations of many nonprofit organizations.  Although they have proven to be a typically high-performing direct mail format for anchor or pillar mailings, some organizations shy away from testing new calendar formats. Don’t let this be you!

The PS|PS Digital Annual Calendar Gang Program allows organizations to develop a powerful calendar design with our experts, then use our shared production program to get the most out of your marketing spend. We continue to push the envelope on savings by offering additional gang-print opportunities for the letter/reply forms, return envelopes and outer envelopes.

If you’ve mailed calendars as part of your direct mail program in years past, you know that while you may have just rung in a new year, it’s already time to start thinking about your 2018 calendar mailings. Our Calendar Gang Program offers both savings and production options including paper stock, press times and mail dates.

With the kickoff in February (and paper order at the end of March for our first run) we’re poised to support mailings as early as June. Looking to mail later in 2017? We’ve got you covered. Based on client feedback, we are planning to do a second calendar gang run with a paper order scheduled for the end of April.

For first-timers, check out the advantages of joining our Calendar Gang Program:

PS|PS Digital Calendar Gang Program
is likely the biggest factor that limits calendar innovation or closes the door on it completely. Stock, color, and format are all components that can drive up prices, especially for small- to medium-sized organizations, but our Calendar Gang Program provides a cost-efficient way around it. Participation provides you with opportunity to save you and your organization thousands of dollars.

So, are you thinking differently about your next calendar campaign now? You should be! There is still time to ask questions and secure your spot in this year’s gang-printing program. Contact us today to discuss options for your organization!