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Promoting Self Care through #WellnessWednesdays

Production Solutions

How are you holding up with your New Year’s resolutions? After all, the most difficult part is keeping up with it, right? The first two weeks are easy – your motivation, will, and drive are through the roof. Weeks 3-4 and as we move into the beginning of February is where the real test begins. You begin to contemplate the worth and benefit behind the extra efforts. So, what can you do to make sure you keep up with your resolutions?

Thankfully, my colleagues (and now wellness friends) have similar resolutions. We organized and introduced a #WellnessWednesday movement because we wanted to find a way to keep up with our resolutions and focus on self care at work and realistically, it’s much easier to stick with a goal when you have others involved. Everyone plays a part in holding each other accountable. You’re more likely to successfully complete something when you know someone else will check on you.

Why is a wellness program important and beneficial for the workplace?

  1. Productivity increases with wellness and fitness.
    When you’re healthy, you’re more productive. A quick workout in the office and a few minutes away from the daily grind helps to relieve stress and refocus once you’re back at your desk.
  2. Company culture improves.
    The team is more involved, happier, and engaged. That positivity is infectious! The staff feeds off of one another’s attitudes and this “look good, feel good” mentality could be that extra boost to take your company culture to another level.
  3. Improved health in employees = lower healthcare costs in the long run.
    Be proactive with your team and promote wellness so that everyone works to live a healthier lifestyle. Healthy, happy employees are more committed to the cause, workplace, and processes. That only benefits your organization mentally and financially.

We are so thankful to be part of an organization that supports our wellness and self care efforts. There’s increased movement and physical activity around the office and our team is more conscious of wellness initiatives such as hydration, pedometer tracking, and even circuit workouts. We can’t wait to incorporate more wellness challenges and push our limits throughout 2018. It’s our commitment to keep those New Year’s resolutions top of mind all year long.