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Purpose-Driven Missions

Benjamin Harris Benjamin Harris President

Now moving into my fifth year in the role of President for Production Solutions, along with recently celebrating our 30th anniversary, I find myself in a state of mind that resembles a Wimbledon-like tennis match.

On one side of the court is my past, and the 23 years of learning and developing at PS, and on the other side of the court is our future and pondering what the next 30 years will bring and provide.

It is challenging for me to pick a side to be driven by as I work in the present moment. These sides of the “court” are both essential to be an effective leader and human being. As I pay closer attention and go back and forth between the two opposing forces, I realize there is a common theme. That theme is purpose.

The purpose of the past experiences, people, places, and lessons are what serve me well in the present day. Whereas my purpose for the future is to help connect the people I work with to their purpose.

I request of my colleagues to try new things, move deeper into learning, take risks, and attempt to view themselves as leaders and innovators. Why? Because this is what our clients, suppliers, and industry need most of them.

And there is a deeper purpose I have with my request of our employees. The purpose of this request is ultimately for our company to provide a deep source of energy, enthusiasm, resources, comradery, and well-being in each of their lives.

PS has afforded me a great sense of purpose – and fueled my life forward through good times and bad times, building character and resilience along the way. I want the same for each PS employee, to have their work be a purpose-fueling experience, boosting their life and growth to levels that they never imagined possible.

You see, we believe that employees want to think, learn, and grow – and we also believe in the power of collective creation in delivering our PS purpose — creating solutions to elevate life experiences — being at the core of how we show up and perform.

If you want to experience higher levels of performance from your colleagues and employees – taking a stance on cultivating purpose within your organization’s culture and leadership is mission-critical.

2020 proved that increasing your investment and clarity on purpose as an organization, while finding the connection on how to earn more purpose from your employees, was a must. Fuel up on purpose now and into the future. The lives of those you improve through allowing your purpose to fuel you will give to communities they serve like never before.

About the Author

Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris President

Ben, a remarkable leader, is PS’ president and he has been serving with PS for over 20 years. Ben leads fearlessly and from the heart, which inspires the PS team to do their absolute best work every day. He invests his time in the people and culture of PS, communicates authentically, and fosters a learning environment for his staff and leads by example, all while being supportive and patient to those he works. Ben is constantly inspiring and engaging his colleagues, and refers himself the “Chief Employee Officer”, with a people-focused approach. This leadership is what empowers PS’ thriving work and keeps our team in alignment with our mission.​

Residing in Alexandria, Virginia, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife, Brooke, and his three kids, Sadie, Adrian, and Tyler. He likes to exercise, have fun parties, and go to the beach in his free time.​