Rate Increase Delayed for all Classes – Let the Mailing Fun Begin!

Production Solutions

The Board of Governors has confirmed that the Postal Service will delay the April 26th rate increase for ALL mail classes. The delay is due to the fact that Standard Mail, Periodical and Package rates have yet to be approved and it would be counterproductive to implement two separate rate increases. The Postal Service has yet to respond to the second PRC Remand that was issued on March 18th. Once they respond, then the PRC will have another 7 days to review and issue a new ruling. Once all rates are approved the Postal Service must give the industry 45 days advanced notice of the final rate increase implementation date.
This means that there will not be an increase of any kind on April 26th!
We are estimating, for planning purposes, that an increase may occur in late May.
Make sure to check back as we continue to track and monitor this situation closely.  We’ll provide updates as they occur.