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What Keeps You Up at Night

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Our friends at Rising Tide Direct have published a new survey…”What Keeps You Up at Night?
Take the survey for a chance to winThey’re asking you to take a very quick 11-question survey … to share your views on the biggest challenges to successful direct response fundraising-in your own work or that of your industry peers.
Your response will help them set the agenda for a panel discussion-“What Keeps YOU up at Night?” – that Rising Tide Direct is hosting at the Direct Marketing Association’s 2014 New York Non-Profit Conference on August 4-5.
In thanks for a minute or two of your time today, the folks at Rising Tide will send you a complete, confidential report of the survey findings … and enter your name to win a free iPad Mini, valued at $299.
So would you please help and share your input? Click here to take the survey in return for a free survey outcome report and a chance to win a free iPad Mini. Thank you!