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Industry Trends & Strategy

Our nonprofit partnerships involve more than just implementation and project management. We provide true strategic support and collaboration. Through both our creative and analytics partnerships and our own internal expertise among our Client Strategy Team, we supply package format development and optimization.

With our current client base of over 90 nonprofit organizations, 100 supplier partners, and over 30 years of servicing the fundraising industry, we are the epicenter for a wide variety of mailing formats, trends, and leading technology. We are continually monitoring trends and aggregating the latest formats, print techniques, and technology trends – just for you!

Production Plus

We respect the value of your time. That’s why we have created our Production Plus model. To save you time and money, your PS account team will take on more of the logistical quality control steps of the process and be the sole reviewer and approver of print proofs up to the insertion approvals. This streamlines your process and requires the PS team to be responsible for ensuring the job matches your specifications.

The rapid client expansion to this approach in the recent years, makes us extremely confident in our ability to provide this service based on our rigorous and layered quality control procedures that support our management of highly complex work. We have built numerous protocols and workflows, tailored our employee training, and created a digitized, centralized historical library of your standards and specs.

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