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Spotlight On: Andrea Bentley

Production Solutions

Andrea Bentley, our Director of Supplier Relations, has been serving the PS team, our supplier partners and our clients since 2007. Andrea leads fearlessly in all areas of her work, but it’s during this busy production season that she truly shines and deserves so much praise and recognition!  

Andrea is a pacesetter and leader. This past September she proactively worked to prepare, inspire and engage the production team for the upcoming season with her “Like A Boss Tips and Tricks” that distilled her vast knowledge and experience into a handy list that helped to guide the hectic production process during this critical time of year. She took the initiative to create this valuable tool that helped many team members in times of need.  

She led the October Lunch & Learn with our President, Ben and Senior Vice President of Operations, Drew to further empower and educate the PS family. This amazing and inspirational session was such a beneficial experience for all – those in person and those who work remotely! It provided an opportunity for the team to learn key insights, advice and ideas that can be implemented to our daily professional and personal lives.

Andrea keeps her cool even when juggling competing priorities. As the point of escalation for most production emergencies, Andrea handles these challenges with courage and conviction.  She makes decisions and never settles for less than the best for our clients. Ultimately, Andrea delivers and helps to set the standard with which everyone else should be measured.  

Last week, Andrea hosted another amazing annual December Supplier party! Leading such an important event involves tons of moving parts and details to coordinate. Andrea genuinely cares about ensuring that our supplier network is celebrated and the event was a hit as always! Because of her, we were able to show our gratitude for the support of our incredible Suppliers.

Andrea empowers her team and provides PS with opportunities each and every day. She fosters a learning environment, defines clear expectations and goes above and beyond to invest in success for PS. Thank you, Andrea, for taking on each day LIKE A BOSS!