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Spotlight On: Leigh Janis, Rising Star Award Honoree

Production Solutions

Leigh Janis, our Director of Sales & Brand Strategy has been serving the PS team and the marketing industry for over 11 years. This month, Leigh Janis was honored with the Marketing EDGE Rising Star award, which recognizes her as one of the most talented professionals 40 years of age and under working in the field of marketing. Marketing EDGE is a national nonprofit committed to shaping the future of marketing leadership and fostering the next generation of diverse, responsive, and responsible marketing leaders.

This honor pays tribute to Leigh demonstrating superior leadership abilities, including a strong track record of outstanding results and a stellar reputation for giving back through marketing education. Leigh is an inspiring, energetic, competitive, caring, and driven leader.

It truly is a pleasure working with Leigh each day, and her efforts have made a significant impact on PS and its people. With the award, Leigh is recognized for her branding and sales efforts, delivering the most successful sales record in recent company history with her commitment to excellence and significant business results. She pioneered revolutionary sales and branding strategies that ultimately paid off with a 200% year-over-year increase in new client growth. Leigh also led the charge on executing a large-scale brand update for PS, ensuring each interaction, both internal and external, presents a unified brand voice. These efforts set PS for an incredibly bright and successful future. Leigh has helped shape the future of marketing leadership, as she pays it forward, and works to bring her vision to life not only for her organization but for the industry at large.  

Leigh leads with a mentality much like a sport’s coach – balancing support and challenge. She empowers her team to build the trust to take risks and disrupt the status quo – she does this by taking on the role of disruptor herself. She pairs encouragement with unwavering care to create a dynamic and unified team mentality that can face any obstacle, and she thrives at leading team members to set up a game plan where they can understand their purpose and find fulfillment.

Leigh has a reputation as a trusted professional in the industry, providing mentorship and support among younger professionals. Her commitment to leadership and developing leaders at every level is apparent to all. Leigh carries herself with confidence, grace, and drive as she works daily to enhance the lives of others and to do all that she can as a leader in the marketing field. The work that she does and the way that she carries herself is a testament to the person she is and the many reasons why young professionals look to Leigh as a mentor. Leigh consistently pushes herself and others to serve others, get involved, and make a difference. She has taught her team and other leaders that all challenges are ultimately learning opportunities, so always look to the future with positivity and excitement! The energy and passion Leigh brings each day is key to moving herself, her colleagues, and the industry forward into the future.