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Success Story:

Save the Children

The Project: Save the Children

In the spring of 2013, Save the Children determined key elements of their Direct Response Program could benefit from exploring an external partnership. Save the Children turned to Production Solutions (PS) for its production and nonprofit expertise, its access to and knowledge of format innovation, and its reputation for delivering customized solutions and unparalleled ease-of-process.

The Situation

Early on, Save the Children realized it needed a partner who would be an extension of their team and collaborate with the current staff – filling in where there were needs and enhancing the strengths.

The Solution

Production Solutions began a detailed analysis of the Save the Children program in early 2013, kicking off the onboarding process in May. PS began managing the timelines, bidding process, inventory tracking, supplier management, and quality control, operating as an extension of the Save the Children team.

The Real Benefits

Cost Savings – By bringing its considerable expertise, competitive pricing, and buying power to bear, Production Solutions delivered 10% cost savings in the first year of partnership for Save the Children.

Extension of Resources – PS provided a team of resource and bidding experts, client service managers, strategists, postal optimization professionals, and a staff of more than 50 production experts to benefit Save the Children. This has exponentially expanded the expertise and resources available to Save the Children.

Ease of Process – Through daily updates, weekly conference calls, quarterly reviews, and the reliability of a single partner managing all of the logistics, Save the Children’s internal team was able to focus on accomplishing their mission.

About Save the Children

Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We invest in childhood — every day, in times of crisis and for our future.

Images provided by Save the Children, Lynn Spreadbury, and Susan Warner

What Our Clients Say

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Our PS team is continually coming to us with new and innovative ways of producing our packages. They are highly organized, insightful and tuned in to trends that help us improve with each campaign. I know that we can always count on them to get any job done efficiently and effectively. I truly value our partnership with PS and would highly recommend their services.

Save the Children —Save the Children